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PS5 Gets Spider-Man: Miles Morales Limited Edition Design

PS5 Gets Spider-Man: Miles Morales Limited Edition Design

With the PlayStation 5 coming out in just a little over a month away, we are excited when it hits shelves on November 13th. Although there aren’t very many games announced for the system yet, one thing we are anticipating is the release of Spider-Man: Miles Morales for the PS5. However, we have yet to see very many special edition PS5’s set to release other than the $10,000 24K Gold Edition by Truly Exquisite and the Digital Edition. But now we have something special by Italian 3D Artist Giuseppe Spinelli and LetsGoDigital to present a one of a kind Spider-Man: Miles Morales PlayStation 5.

PS5 Gets Spider-Man: Miles Morales Limited Edition Design

Taking inspiration from Miles’ red and black Spider-Man suit. Featuring a red interior and black exterior with sleek and glossy spider webs all coming together in the center of a large red spider symbol, as well as LED lighting around its vents. The controller also contains a black exterior with glossy red webs over the black and the games tagline “Be Yourself” across the touchpad.

PS5 Gets Spider-Man: Miles Morales Limited Edition Design

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Spinelli is known for his design work with multiple pieces of technology including prototype designs for the PS5, desert eagles, Samsung phones, and a black variation of the PS5. Spinelli is also a big fan of the Marvel character The Punisher and has created multiple custom posters advertising the Netflix series. However, this has to probably be his best work yet.

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This newly designed PS5 isn’t for sale, but still an exciting concept to behold and perhaps paves a way for what Sony could do with future PlayStation consoles. Similar to the version of the PlayStation 4 console that was released around the same time the first Spider-Man game was, featuring a red console with the white logo on the side of it and a red controller with a white button on it. While this variation of the PS5 might never come to fruition, we can still dream.


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