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PS5 Will Have More Exclusives Than Xbox Series X

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Xbox gamers might wanna switch to the the Playstation as PS5 will reportedly have more gaming exclusives than the Xbox Series x.

2020 is a big year for gaming as both the PS5 and the Xbox series x will launched within the year around the holiday season but the exact date is not confirmed. Given the fact that there are new releases for both consoles it means that there will be a lot more exclusives on both parties. 

Sony seems to be hiding the ground running with their latest exclusive The Last Of Us 2 which is the sequel to the hit 2013 survival  game The Last Of Us and will be available for PS4 and PS5.

It is not just the Last Of Us that is coming out for the PS5 but other games as well. Jason Schreir from Kotaku has said he has heard the titles for the PS5 and it is way more that Microsoft’s Xbox series X. 

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Schreier has said, “I’ve heard some of the PS5 launch titles, I won’t say them yet as I probably will want to some kind of report on that stuff for the future, but those will be on PS5 only.”  

Jason then talked about Microsoft and said, “I haven’t heard anything about Xbox first-party games, but I’m sure their stuff is going to be as usual on as much stuff as possible. Actually they already said that Halo Infinite is going to be cross-gen. So, Microsoft I’m sure will be a lot less about exclusives.”

Xbox however is not out of the race yet as  they may have the upper hand in the long run.  Microsoft is releasing all of their games for PC and Xbox one and reportedly the Xbox series X will be able to play games across all generations of Xbox console.

It seems that this is a close race on who will put out the better content for 2020. Fans can only hope that when the PS5 and Xbox series x both release both consoles will live up to the hype they have set. 

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