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Psychotic Batman Villains Nic Cage Could Play

Nicolas Cage may be the most eccentric and yet the most gifted actor Hollywood never fails to under-appreciate. He has already proved his mettle in the Ghost Rider movies. Now it is time for Nic Cage to roll the die in DC Films, playing some crazy Batman villains.

Nic Cage Ghost Rider
Nic Cage in Ghost Rider

The Batman rogues gallery is full of psychopaths. But here’s our top picks for Nic Cage to make his mark in future DC Films.


Egghead Nic Cage DC
Nic Cage as Egghead

With an unusually pale bald head, Egghead is a crazy scientist who is just how he sounds like. He wears an egg white apron and a shirt with the color of an egg yolk. A product of the Adam West Batman show, Egghead was best known for using theme based weaponry like egg bombs, radar eggs, and tear gas eggs.

The reason we chose egghead is because Kevin Smith has himself suggested that Nic Cage would rock it as Egghead. Considering the guy’s weird choices when it comes to movie characters, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nic Cage takes this hilarious villain and turns him into something even more sinister. He has been through worse and come out with flying colors.

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Scarface DC
Scarface DC Comics

The Ventriloquist uses the scarface puppet to maintain his reign of terror in Gotham City. Before the Falcones came to power, it was the Scarelli family that ruled Gotham. When Don Scarelli was killed, his spirit passed onto the tree out of which a wooden dummy was carved. This dummy, which many believe to be alive, ruled Gotham in the Ventriloquist’s stead.

Scarface makes for the perfect opportunity for Nic Cage to show his weirdness and quirkiness on screen. You know he is the only actor who can nail the role of an apparently alive wooden puppet/crime lord. This was also one of Kevin Smith’s top picks for Nicolas Cage as a Batman villain.


Man-Bat DC Nic Cage
Man-Bat DC

Dr. Kirk Langstrom is a genius scientist who had a medical condition that would have turned him permanently deaf. Devising an experimental cure that combined bat and human DNA, Langstrom found a solution….of sorts. The experiment also turned him into a grotesque human-bat hybrid.


Man-Bat would fit well into the little shop of horrors that is Nic Cage’s acting career. we could already see his face, grinning through the prosthetics and the makeup while he’s flying over Gotham as a giant bat like creature.


Anarky DC Nic Cage
Anarky DC

Lonnie Machin is a gifted inventor, strategist, and expert computer hacker. His is a polymath, having had expertise in various fields of science. In the comics, Anarky is a teenager. But we see no reason why DC cannot change that aspect of this character considering they have done far more.

Anarky is like a more psychotic version of Batman. He hates authority and will do anything in his power to bring down all forms of governmental supervision. This was also one of Kevin Smith’s choices for Batman Villains Nic Cage could play on screen.

Victor Zsasz

Victor Zsasz Nic Cage.dc
Victor Zsasz

Why Victor Zsasz? Well why not!! He started out as one of Gotham’s elites. living a life of absolute privilege. After losing everything and almost at the verge of death, Zsasz has a realization – that life is cancer. Now he runs amok in Gotham City, ‘liberating’ people by killing them. anyone who lives is termed as a zombie by Zsasz. For him, death shall literally set you free.

Nicolas Cage truly gives off the vibe of a sociopath in some of his movies like Face/Off and Ghost Rider. He is the only actor we trust who could successfully pull off a comic accurate Zsasz on the big screens.

Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange DC
Hugo Strange DC Comics

A genius psychiatrist who understands the human psyche in ways no other person does,. Hugo Strange is a force to be reckoned with. He was one of the first ever Batman villains who successfully deduced Batman’s true identity as Bruce Wayne. Any hardcore comic book reader or the Arkham game connoisseurs would instantly recognise the threat this man poses.

As far as psychotic Batman villains go, Hugo Strange is perhaps only second to the Joker. While the actor would be a far cry as the clown prince of crime, he could actually nail the role of Hugo Strange.

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