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PUBG Announces Aston Martin and BBC Top Gear Partnership


PUBG: Battlegrounds is one of the longest-going battle royal games that has been going for years, as it was the game that kicked it all off, and ever since its release in March 2017, there have been numerous different updates and expansions to the game that, have caught gamers attention, just like this new partnership PUBG has with Aston Martin and BBC Top Gear as they bring numerous pieces of content over their brand new update 25.1 and throughout September.

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What will be coming in this new update regarding Aston Martin and Top Gear?

PUBG Announces Aston Martin And BBC Top Gear Partnership

When you think about PUBG, it’s not often that you think about the cars that are involved in the warzone that the players are running around in. Still, in this recent update, both players and supercar fans will be delighted to see this brand new addition to the game as lots of brand new content arrives in update 25.1 with the option to drive an Aston Martin around the map with your team as you put the car to the test.

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As of the 9th of August update, 25.1 has launched, and it has brought along with it the Aston Martin collaboration with some brand new areas to explore with this brand new skin on the vehicles of PUBG for players looking to acquire this brand new car skin to use in-game all the player has to do is seek out the Aston Martin container in the starting area on all of the different maps that are available and this will grant you and your fellow teammates the skin to use during that match.

Along with this brand new collaboration with Aston Martin, there is also the collaboration with BBC’s Top Gear as, and on Top Gears social media platforms, there will be numerous different featurettes that will help to show off the Aston Martin as they will also be traversing the different maps of PUBG as they will be putting it to the test just like all the other players who access the skin.

There will also be some extra pieces of content that will be coming with this brand new update which include the Aston Martin collaboration, and those are a new crafter pass: Aston Martin, Aston Martin crafting at a workshop, some events and even more to be unveiled at a later date.

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What else will be coming in this brand-new update for PUBG?

PUBG Announces Aston Martin And BBC Top Gear Partnership

This isn’t all that is coming in update 25.1 as there will also be a update to Miramar as there will be some new locations being added to the map, and there will also be some new features that will be added to enhance the environment that the players will be exploring.

In this brand new update, we will be receiving three brand new locations on the Miramar map, and those locations are Partona, Resort and Truck Stop. Some of these locations are updates for some of the older locations as they have been transformed to help enhance the player’s experience in the game. The Truck Stop is an upgrade from the Junkyard area, helping to provide a brand new combat area, whilst the Partona is a replacement for Los Higos and this will be a bustling village which is complete with its festivals and traditions with a brand new bridge providing easier access.

Whilst new locations are good to see, those aren’t the only new additions as there will also be a change to the red zone as this will be changing to an ever-shrinking Sandstorm to make it fit in with Miramar as it also reduces health and visibility the longer a player is inside, whilst also reducing their movement speed and even to a point causing some electrical equipment to become unusable.

That isn’t the only addition to PUBG as there will also be a brand new Zipline that has been added, which will help players traverse a lot quicker as numerous players are able to use the Zipline at once, and can even use it to quickly stealth into enemy-guarded areas.

What do you think about this brand-new collaboration? Will you be exploring Miramar in a brand-new Aston Martin? Or will you be exploring the new locations with your brand-new Zipline? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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