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‘Pulled them out of the crack of his a**’: Kate Moss Reveals Ex Johnny Depp Hid Diamonds in His Butt, Gifted it to Her After Asking – “got something in my bum, can you have a look?’

Starting strong in the 21st Jump Street series and many Tim Burton movies, Johnny Depp saw his career skyrocket as he went on to star in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as the iconic Jack Sparrow and then in Fantastic Beasts as Gellert Grindelwald.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp was unceremoniously fired from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, enraging fans.

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But since his divorce from Amber Heard and the subsequent allegations, the actor saw a slump in his filmography. The conflict culminated in a defamation proceeding this year that Johhny Depp won against Amber Heard, winning more than $10 million in damages.

Kate Moss returned to defend her ex

The trial also led to many dirty secrets of both the celebrities being aired in public, which included many personalities from the past returning to give testimony on the parties’ nature. The actor’s ex-girlfriend Kate Moss was one of them.

Kate Moss Johnny Depp
Kate Moss attended the deposition as Johnny Depp’s witness.

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Introduced as a witness for Johhny Depp in the rebuttals, Kate Moss denied the claim that Johnny Depp pushed Kate Moss off a flight of stairs, as was alleged by Amber Heard in the case. Instead, she stated that she had slipped and fallen, after which Johnny Depp picked her up and nursed her.

Johnny Depp’s gift to Kate Moss

While appearing for Vogue’s “Life in Looks” video, the model recounted a time when Johnny Depp gave her a gift in a very unusual manner. He had placed a necklace in his rear and had asked Kate Moss to retrieve it. It was her first diamond necklace, she further said:

“We were going out to dinner and Johnny Depp said, ‘I’ve got something in my bum, can you have a look,’ and I was like, ‘what’ and I put my hand down his trousers and I pulled out a diamond necklace. That diamond necklace.”

Kate Moss
Since her debut in 1993, Kate Moss has been on the cover of Vogue 33 times.

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Considering the actor’s penchant for unusual and offbeat humor, it’s no surprise this is how he decided to gift his then partner. Johnny Depp was last seen making a cameo at the MTV VMAs 2022, justifying his appearance by stating “I needed work.”

Source: Vogue

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