Quicksilver Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson Kicks Out Henry Cavill From James Bond Race, Reportedly Impressed Studio in Secret Audition

Aaron Taylor-Johnson might beat Henry Cavill to be the next 007!
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Ever since Daniel Craig left the James Bond franchise, the atmosphere has been thick with tension with the big question of who will be taking over as the next 007. And all the possible candidates have put up some serious competition for the role, making it all the more difficult for the producers to narrow down a list of favorites and then pick one.

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Daniel Craig as James Bond

A number of actors like Tom Hardy, Richard Madden, Regé-Jean Page, and Henry Cavill, to name a few, have been seemingly ahead in the race to become the next James Bond, with the Man of Steel actor being the top-most choice, and the fan-favorite, of course. Up until now, that is.

It looks like a new entry in the game has outdone all the current actors in line to seize the role of Agent 007, and has managed to secure the first position in the race, thereby surpassing even Henry Cavill.


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A New Potential Candidate Has Entered the James Bond Competition

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been rumored to be THE front-runner in the race to take over James Bond’s role. And that definitely can’t be good news for DC’s Superman.

According to sources, the Avengers: Age of Ultron star seems to have reduced Henry Cavill to the second position in the race after charming producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli in an allegedly secret screen test that the English actor went to give just this September. An insider from The Sun claimed that the “producers and Barbara loved him,” paving the way for him to become one of their best bets.


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Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

As per William Hill, Taylor-Johnson’s odds have apparently dropped from 16-1 straight to 6-4 in just a matter of one night, with Cavill on 5-2 followed by other actors including Regé-Jean Page and James Norton.

Could Aaron Taylor-Johnson be the Next 007? 

Best known for his role as Kick-Ass in the movie and sequel of the same name, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the currently favored actor to possibly take over as JB-007. His most recent work was in the David Leitch’s action comedy, Bullet Train, in which he played a character named Tangerine alongside Brad Pitt and Joey King.


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Aaron Taylor-Johnson has already impressed the producers
Aaron Taylor-Johnson has already impressed the producers

A while ago, Wilson made some specifications with regard to the role, clarifying that they were only looking at those contestants who were in their thirties and who had the advantage of experience because James Bond isn’t “some kid out of high school,” he’s a veteran who already has plenty of experience. And Taylor-Johnson, the latest addition to the list of top contestants, is also, you guessed it right, is in his thirties – 32 years old, to be precise.

Age is not just a number in this case, given how it’s such a dealbreaker, and the Kraven the Hunter actor definitely has that particular advantage, besides the rumor that he has already impressed the producers.


Maybe Cavill’s fate doesn’t have James Bond written in it after all.

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