Ralph Dibny Featured In ‘The Flash’ Billboard

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A recent tweet by a DC fan shows an advertisement of the metahuman private investigator in the form of a billboard featuring Ralph Dibny.


The tweet read the following:

“Our good friend [Michael J. Cohen] from [Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast], who lives in Vancouver, Canada (where [The Flash]; the [Arrowverse] shows film), spotted this on his way home – looks like Ralph is doing some marketing in Central City!”


Check out the image below:

Ralph Dibny Featured In 'The Flash' Billboard

At SDCC 2018, the actor who plays Ralph, Hartley Sawyer, spoke about his overall character arc and the major growth and changes the character went through:


“I think, for Ralph, he finally got to the point where he was really willing to sacrifice himself for something greater than himself. Which is the family, the team that he considers family, Team Flash. And I think doing that, I don’t think he expected to come out of that. But he did. And so, I think he’s just a very different person than he was when we met him in episode four last year. Very, very different.”

Audiences will get to see a more accurately adapted version of Ralph as revealed by the executive producer of The Flash, Todd Helbing during a recent interview:

“Ralph is going to be doing a lot more detecting this year than he did last season, and I think the description of Elongated Man was that he has the detective skills that rivals Batman’s. So, we want to get him on his journey in that regard this season.”


The Flash stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash, Candice Patton as Iris West, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon/Vibe, Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells, Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West, Danielle Nicolet as Cecile Horton, Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora West-Allen/XS, and Chris Klein as Cicada.

The season follows Barry, a crime scene investigator with superhuman speed who fights criminals, including others who have also gained superhuman abilities, as he deals with the consequences of his future daughter’s time traveling.

The Flash season 5 will premiere on October 9 at 8/7c on The Cw.


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