Ralph Fiennes Joins Netflix’s Matilda

Miss Trunchbull is the fictional intimidating and monstrous headmistress in Roald Dahl’s novel- Matilda. Ralph Fiennes is probably not the first name that would come to one’s mind when thinking of casting this character. But now is the time that you should give some stress to your creativity and start imagining Ralph Fiennes in a dress. The actor is all set to enchant the audience in the role of the antagonist in Netflix’s upcoming feature film based on the book.


News And Reports on Ralph Fiennes

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Get ready to see Ralph Fiennes in a dress.

Ralph Fiennes, according to Deadline, is ready to star in Working Title and Netflix’s Matilda, as Miss Trunchbull. The featured film is an adaptation of the classic novel by Roald Dahl.

Ralph Fiennes is termed as an experienced hand when it comes to performing on-stage and in musicals. The actor has also sung in the Prince of Egypt. But as a drag, this is a first for the English actor, that too in a major feature film. Casting the actor who is usually severe in such a ludicrous role can also be a bit left-field choice. However, Fiennes will expectedly bring the relevant proportion of menace to the character of the headmistress. The one who, at the center of Matilda, terrorizes the bookworm who is magically-gifted.

About Matilda

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Netflix will soon bring Roald Dahl’s novel to theatres.

Matilda follows the story of a gifted young girl. The girl has to struggle with her neglectful parents and a headmistress, who bullies a lot. Somehow, her difficulties alleviate at the point when she discovers her magical powers.

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The novel by Roald Dahl, in a 1996 film, was also adapted into a beloved, starring Danny DeVito and Mara Wilson. Later in 2011, London, it turned into and was launched as a musical. It made a profitable leap to Broadway and ran from the year 2013 till the year 2017, winning a Tony. Denis Kelly, the Tony Award winner, is penning the screenplay, he is also the original director for the stage musical.

Other Details

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We might not have much details on the cast, but what we know is intriguing enough.

Jodie Comer from Killing Eve is also in talks. She expectedly will play the character Miss Honey, Matilda’s kind-hearted teacher. However, no real deal is out yet. And as far as our protagonist is concerned, the person who will play the role of Matilda is still a Mystery.

Netflix is planning to renovate some of the stories for children by Roald Dahl with their animated projects. It will Internationally debut the film, while Sony is presumed to release it in the U.K. theatrically. Regardless, no date to begin production is yet out.


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