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Should Rambo 6 Finally Introduce Rambo’s Brother? Who Should Be Cast For It?

Should Rambo 6 Finally Introduce Rambos Brother Who Should Be Cast For It

Rambo: Last Blood was released in 2019 and projected itself as the final movie in the iconic franchise. But Sylvester Stallone has since sparked hopes for a sixth instalment and we wonder if it will bring Rambo’s estranged brother. 

Rambo was introduced as a Vietnam vet surrounded by war and explosions. His thrilling adventure and Stallone’s personality and physique soon made him a sensation among moviegoers. While the first two parts performed incredibly, the franchise was put on hold for 20 years after the third film. It returned in 2008 with a more brutal take where the veteran was pulled into a rescue mission in Burma. And in 2019’s last instalment, we saw Rambo rescuing his adoptive daughter and seeking revenge from a cartel in Mexico that attacked her. 

Rambo’s Family

A27EF3AC 1437 4811 A6B9 257BE62AF26CWith Stallone stirring talks about Rambo 6, maybe it’s time they finally reunited Rambo with his family. The recent movies revealed Rambo’s real origins and we learnt that he is half-Indian. Perhaps, the next film could continue from the fifth part where Rambo tried to flee the bloodshed on his Arizona farm. The storyline could make Rambo hide across the seas, on Indian soil. This could allow for his long-lost family to finally show up and also bring his brother into the picture. 

Rambo 4 was supposed to introduce us to his brother, who was a local sheriff. The 2008 sequel would have tried something new and featured a brother duo adventure. But none of the films so far have explored Rambo’s family and past. The sixth instalment could take an emotional approach and blend it with the bloody action sequences. Watching two estranged brothers reconnect would add more depth to the otherwise action storyline. The sheriff could come looking for his brother following the massacre at their father’s farm. 

B81C02E2 9DFC 48D2 AA49 03C5E0A05404But not only should Rambo 6 feature the protagonist’s brother but it should also cast a solid actor. Going with a star power would open windows to more potential sequels starring the duo. If not any sequel, this movie could at least shed light on Rambo’s unknown family history with a recognizable face. When we talk about casting choices, most of us can’t help but find Dave Bautista perfect for the role. The two actors have worked previously in MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy. There’s something about their performance and appearance that would make them complement each other on the screen. 

What’s your take on Rambo 6, and which actor would you prefer as Stallone’s brother?

Written by Ipshita Barua