Ranked: 10 Best Female Super-villains of DC Comics

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The DC Pantheon of heroes has some of the truly greatest comic book heroes. Larger-than-life, a godly aura, and truly badass when it comes to saving the day. But then, all great heroes need an even greater nemesis to prove their worth. A nemesis who is not afraid to poke where it hurts the most.


But like most forms of art, the usual great villains are usually male characters. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 greatest female supervillains of DC Comics. Interested? Let’s hop in!


10. Poison Ivy

Identifying herself as an ecoterrorist, Dr. Pamian Lillian Isley aka Poison Ivy is a major foe of Batman. As a leading botanist and a biochemist, Poison Ivy at her core is a misanthropist. Her general disgust towards most humans makes her a dangerous villain who can go to any lengths for her goals.

Her immunity towards all kind of poison, including the Joker toxin, makes her a superhuman. Poison Ivy can also mentally control plants, using them as offensive and defensive measures. She also has the ability to create pheromones which are powerful enough to control beings like Superman. A classic Batman villain indeed!


9. Talia al Ghul

The Daughter of the Demon, Talia al Ghul is an on/off romantic interest of The Dark Knight which makes things even much more complicated when it comes to fighting her. A cunning and ruthless woman, Talia is not afraid to commit the most heinous things for her goals. Her act of coercing Batman to father Damian Wayne cemented her status as a femme fatale.

A peak human athlete, Talia is trained in numerous martial arts which puts her in the best hand-to-hand combatants of the DC Universe. A master manipulator, her relationship with Batman often puts her at an advantage. As Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter, she can also access his vast array of connections and wealth for herself.


8. Killer Frost

The mantle of Killer Frost has been passed on to three different women: Crystal Frost, Louise Lincoln, and Caitlin Snow. Among the three, Caitlin Snow is the most popular and diabolic character.

As a genius scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost boasts of genius intellect. Her ability to transform heat into her freezing powers makes her lethal. Her touch can kill a normal person as she sucks out all the body heat and leaves the body freezing. She can also fly using the Arctic winds. Killer Frost can also make her body more durable by using ice as a defensive measure along with using it as projectiles for attacking.


7. Granny Goodness

A classic case of never to judge a book by its cover, never let her peculiar name or her old appearance fool you. Granny Goodness is Darkseid’s most loyal warrior.

Her loyalty impressed Darkseid, as a result, she was put in charge of recruiting and training the most fierce warriors of Apokolips. Like most habitats of Apokolips, Granny Goodness is practically immortal with superhuman strength and endurance. She is a master melee combatant who can hold her ground against the likes of Wonder Woman and Big Barda.


6. Faora Hu-Ul

General Zod’s most loyal and lethal commander, Faora is one of the strongest female characters in the DC Universe. As a Kryptonian, she has the usual powers which put her in the same league as that of Superman.

Faora is trained in the Kryptonian martial arts form Horo-Kanu which can incapacitate even the strongest characters. Her ferocity has made Superman flee for his life, which makes her extremely formidable.


5. Silver Banshee

A victim of patriarchy, Silver Banshee is a ghastly villain who derives her powers from an entity called The Crone. There have been two different Silver Banshees who have troubled both Superman and Supergirl.

Silver Banshee’s most lethal attack is The Death Wail which can kill anyone provided that she knows her victim’s name. Her endurance is almost on par with the Kryptonians. The Silver Banshee has also been able to wound Kryptonians to a considerable degree. She also has the ability of omnilingualism; the ability to speak a language the moment you hear it.


4. Cheshire

A victim of an unhappy childhood, Cheshire is a master martial arts specialist and uses a variety of toxins during her fights. As one of the major foes of the Teen Titans, she is also romantically linked with Roy Harper.

Her hand-to-hand combat abilities put her in the league of Lady Shiva and Batman. A ruthless manipulator, Cheshire has decimated a country using nuclear weapons. She is also considered as one of the most lethal assassins after Deathstroke and Lady Shiva.


3. Cheetah

The archenemy of Wonder Woman, the title of Cheetah has been passed on to four different people: Priscilla Rich, Deborah Domaine, Barbara Ann Minerva, and Sebastian Ballesteros.

A champion of a mystical god, Cheetah can transform into both human and her natural form. While in her Cheetah form, she gains super-speed, super-strength, and heightened senses. In some story arcs, she can also control other felines. Her fangs can also penetrate the skin of Superman, which is an extremely rare feat.


2. Enchantress

If you think the Suicide Squad (2016) version of Enchantress defines the real character, then think again. A powerful sorceress, she is one of the most formidable supervillains of DC Universe.

Her magical abilities are not just limited to teleportation or regenerating from fatal injuries. Her dark magic is hard to define as she can manipulate it as per her wish. Her magic enables him to engage multiple heroes at a time, including powerful magicians like Zatanna.


1. Grail

If Darkseid is the baddest evil in DC, it is only natural that his daughter should take the top spot. Grail is the offspring of Darkseid and an Amazonian named Mhysa.

Though Grail doesn’t possess all the powers of Darkseid, she can summon him at her will. She can also easily access inter-dimension travel along with her natural powers of super strength and agility. She can also access the ancient Amazonian occult rituals by her Amazonian blood lineage. She can also revive people from their demise. She also possesses the Omega Beams which can injure New Gods and break the bracelets of Wonder Woman. Grail’s ability of Will Corruption which greatly affects the Green Lanterns. Like father, like daughter, eh?


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