Ranked: 10 Most Powerful Different Versions of Iron Man

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Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Tony Stark is a billionaire, playboy, and a genius. His unmatched intellect makes him a formidable hero which helped him create his arsenal of Iron Man armours. His intellect has made him a member of Marvel’s Illuminati, which is no mean task. Trailing only behind Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, Iron Man has stopped cosmic powers like the Phoenix Force and the Asgardian fear deity Serpent.


His own battle with alcoholism and his massive ego makes him one of the most relatable Marvel characters among gods and aliens. In the comics, there have been different versions of Iron Man in other realities which are quite powerful too. Interested? Let’s hop in!


10. Iron Man Noir

Set on Earth-90214, this version of Iron Man is a part of the Marvel Noir Universe. Set during the Second World War, Tony Stark is a billionaire and a world-renowned adventurer suffering from a heart ailment. With his best friend James Rhodes and love interest Dr. Gialetta Nefaria, this version of Tony Stark is quite different from the original one.

After being betrayed by Nefaria and the death of his chronicler Virgil, Tony goes to Atlantis with Namor to find a cure for his heart. In a turn of events, his new assistant Pepper Potts is kidnapped by Nefaria and Baron Zemo. Now in a Nazi facility, Tony finds out that Baron Zemo is actually Howard Stark, his own father. Tony uses his genius intellect and vast resources to defeat his father and create his Iron Man armour to become a hero.


9. Earth X Iron Man

In this version, Tony Stark isolates himself from the rest of the world as Terrigen Mists are released in the atmosphere. To save himself from mutation, Tony creates the Iron Manor for himself. He also creates the Iron Avengers, under the orders of President Norman Osborn.

Upon the arrival of the Celestials, Tony used his Iron Manor to fight them. As the Celestials obliterated his Iron Manor, Galactus arrived just in time to defeat the Celestials. Though Tony survived the destruction of his Iron Manor, he was impaled by a wreckage causing his death.


8. Lord Iron

Set during the English/Spanish war, Anthony Stark goes by the alias of Lord Iron. Of Spanish origin, Lord Iron was captured by David Banner/Hulk to make weapons for him using lightning bolts.

After James I became the King of England, Lord Iron was ordered to hunt down David Banner. His own vendetta against Banner became a full-blown war between the two. As Banner pleaded to forget his vendetta and help the natives of Roanoke island, Lord Iron had a change of heart and became a resident of the colony.


7. Age of X Iron Man

One of the most heroic yet tragic versions of Iron Man, the Age of X Iron Man goes by the name of Steel Corpse. Infected by a mutant virus, Tony Stark’s armour starts binding with his body and slowly consumes his flesh.

As he becomes a part of the Avengers, Tony began hunting down mutants. Still a hero, Tony drew the line when it came to killing mutant children. But, a Trojan Virus forced his fused armour to attack the children. To stop himself from doing it, he asked Captain America to shoot him instead.


6. Doctor Anthony Stark

In the All-New X-Men Annual #1, Tony Stark takes the mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme in the year 2099. Though lasting only for a few pages, it definitely is an interesting take on Tony.

As the Sorcerer Supreme, Tony resides in the Sanctum Sanctorum. He is also able to mentor Riri Williams aka Ironheart where he speaks about the interchangeability of science and magic. But most importantly, the new Sorcerer Supreme warns another version of Iron Man in the past to drop the mantle which leads us to…


5. Infamous Iron Man

This alternate version of Iron Man is the most interesting as this time it is not Tony Stark who dons the suit of armour. Instead, it is Victor Von Doom!

After the events of Civil War II, Doctor Doom seeks for redemption and dons the Iron Man armour. As Iron Man, he strikes terror in the hearts of supervillains as they are aware of Doom’s capabilities. Despite his good intentions, Doctor Doom is not trusted by most heroes and has to try really hard to be a hero.


4. Iron Goblin

Another tragic and heroic version of Iron Man, Tony Stark was infected with the Spider-Virus in this alternate reality. His loyalty towards the Spider-Queen changed when he was sprayed with the Goblin Formula.

The formula saved him from being completely mutated into an arachnid monster but made him more unhinged, irrational, and violent like Norman Osborn. But like a true hero, Tony sacrificed himself while maintaining the last remnants of his sanity to let the Resistance escape from the Spider-Queen’s forces.


3. MCU Iron Man

Portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., the Iron Man of Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most popular and one of the most powerful versions of Tony Stark. Troubled with his own inner demons and his past, the MCU version of Iron Man is the most human of all.

As the founding member of the Avengers, this version of Iron Man played an important role in defending New York City from the Chitauri attack in Avengers (2012). His most important heroic emerged when he battled the Mad Titan Thanos, twice. In a blaze of glory, he sacrificed himself to save the world from Thanos’ genocidal attempt at restoring balance.


2. Iron Lantern

An amalgamation of Iron Man and Green Lantern, Hal Stark is the founder of Stark Aircraft. In a simulation flight gone haywire, Hal Stark finds a battery near the wreckage of an alien ship. Badly injured, he creates a suit of armour which not only helps him to live but gives him incredible powers.

Deriving his powers from both DC’s Green Lantern and Marvel’s Iron Man, the Iron Lantern is a very powerful version of Iron Man. He also fights an amalgamated villain named Mandarinestro. No points for guessing the villain’s origins.


1. Iron Hammer

The most powerful version of Iron Man, the Iron Hammer is set in the warped universe where Thor and Iron Man have merged to become Stark Odinson. The son of Howard Odin, Stark Odinson is banished to earth as Sigurd Stark for his arrogance.

After becoming worthy, Stark Odinson built the Iron Hammer which was part technology and part ancient magic. His magical suit of armour along with a Warhammer makes Iron Hammer a sight to behold.


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