Ranked: 10 Secret Places To Visit When in The DC Universe


Of all the fictional universes, DC Universe is not exactly the top preference as a tourist spot. The aesthetics are quite amazing, with picturesque islands and terrific museums. But, the universe is teeming with some of the evilest psychopaths which makes it difficult for mere mortals like us. We mean, Gotham might be quite amazing but not exactly the place for a late-night stroll.

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These villains are so terrible that even the greatest heroes of DC need a secret lair to rest and recuperate. Away from the prying eyes of their archenemies and the general public, the DC Universe surely has a few secret places which can be visited. Futuristic and outlandish, these places are safe for normal humans like us, mostly. Interested? Let’s hop in!

10. Themyscira

In a mood for some beachside fun, ancient Greek architecture, and gorgeous Amazonian women? Themyscira is the place you must visit. Also known as Paradise Island, Themyscira is the home to the fierce and beautiful Amazonian race of warriors.



Ruled by Queen Hippolyta, the island of Themyscira is also the home to Wonder Woman. A female-only island, it is invisible to the outside world. RSVP only, it seems.


9. The Belfry

Home to the Gotham Knights, the Belfry was constructed to extend Batman’s base of operations in Gotham City. As Batman started to gain allies in his crusade against crime, a new base was required for their rendezvous.

detective comics 967 belfry 1


Situated in the Old Wayne Tower, it is situated in the heart of Gotham City. Hidden in plain sight, this is a great place to visit if you’re in Gotham. Let’s face it, you won’t get to visit the Batcave anytime soon.

8. Legion Clubhouse

A great place to visit if you are into spaceships, the Legion Clubhouse is actually built inside the spaceship that brought Kal-El to Earth. To pay homage to the first-ever superhero, the Legion of Super-Heroes of the 31st Century refurbished the abandoned spaceship into their headquarters.


Legion Clubhouse 0001

Unfortunately, the Clubhouse was destroyed in a battle with the Fatal Five which forced the Legionnaires to build the Legion Headquarters.


7. Mount Justice

Set inside a hollowed-out mountain, Mount Justice is near Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. One of the first major headquarters of the world’s greatest heroes, Mount Justice was the home to the members of the Justice League as well as Young Justice.

mount justice background 1 by annjoanneblaze d9pqvj2 fullview


Equipped with zeta-beam tubes, it acts as a real home to most heroes. From a vast library to a fully stocked kitchen, it is a perfect place for geeks, gym-freaks, and tech enthusiasts. Or, you can just binge Netflix with unlimited food from the open kitchen.

6. Titans Tower

Not exactly secretive, the gigantic T-shaped tower is a quite obvious giveaway for anyone seeking to find it. Still, it acts as the headquarters of the Teen Titans.



The Titans Tower have been created and destroyed a few times. Created by Cyborg, the Titans Tower is a futuristic base which serves the purpose of the team to fight extra-terrestrial threats. Also, it is based in the city of San Francisco, making it one of the few lairs set in a real city.


5. Arrowcave

The secret base of operations of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, the Arrowcave is set in the fictional Star City.

ga 42 panel001


An underground lair, the secret base is a good place to visit if you are interested in vigilante justice and archery. Despite its secrecy, the Arrowcave has been infiltrated by a few unwanted members. Still, a pretty cool place to hang out. Also, we believe it should have been called the Quiver, ‘coz arrows? Geddit?

4. The Hall of Justice

One of the most popular places, the Hall of Justice serves both as a museum as well as a secret base for the Justice League. Funded by Batman, the Hall of Justice was built from scratch by Superman.


hall of justice header

Apart from being used as their base of operations, the Justice League also commemorates their fallen heroes. A cemetery is also present in the base of the Hall, where the bodies of fallen heroes are protected against desecration by evil forces. The Hall of Justice enjoys the privileges of a foreign embassy which gives them the right to legally give asylum to anyone they want, including supervillains. In recent storylines, the Hall of Justice has been equipped with the technology enabling it to take flight. A must visit tourist-spot, indeed!


3. The Fortress of Solitude

The Big Blue Boy Scout is an introvert who does not really enjoy gregarious conventions. Despite being the world’s greatest superhero, Superman needs his own personal time, away from the maddening crowd.

efe altuncu fortress of solitude lighter scaled


Built in the icy Arctic lands, the Fortress of Solitude is the last remnant of Krypton. Housing advanced Kryptonian technology, it also serves as a place where Superman stores his souvenirs and memorabilia. Access to the Fortress of Solitude has been modified using Kryptonian technology. An advanced scanner which can determine DNA is programmed to only recognize Superman and allow him access. The Fortress is only visited by Superman’s closest allies like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Lois Lane. A perfect place to visit if you are in the mood of contemplation.

2. The Watchtower

Probably one of the most advanced headquarters of the Justice League, the Watchtower is not on the Earth. It is a space station which is present in the lower orbit of Earth.


Watchtower Cvr

Created using advanced technology from Krypton, Mars, Thanagar, New Genesis, and Apokolips, the Watchtower is constructed from Promethium. Home to the Justice League, the Watchtower is equipped with teleportation tubes for instant transportation. Its creation is deemed as a threat by world organizations as the Watchtower is a weaponized space station. It’s quite safe except the times it has crashed on the planet.


1. The Batcave

Putting the secret in secret lairs, the Batcave is the truly secretive underground base of operations. Though it has been breached a few times, the Batcave is the safest and most secretive of all secret lairs.



Like the Fortress of Solitude, the Batcave serves as a place of tranquillity for Batman. The Batcave has the Batcomputer, a vast array of Bat-Suits, vehicles including the famous Batmobile, and various weapons which can be used when the situation arises. A collector of souvenirs, Batman has stored a mechanical T-Rex, a knocked-out tooth from Killer Croc, Joe Chill’s gun, and a lot of other things. The Batcave also honours fallen heroes of the Bat-family by showcasing their costumes in a glass case. Having multiple entry points know only to a handful of people, the Batcave is our top destination to visit and witness the Dark Knight relaxing for a bit.


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