Rare Collaboration Between One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen Made Megumi Luffy Counterpart as Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates

Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and Kugisaki Nobara dressed up as the Strawhats for the Shonen Jump Magazine

Rare Collaboration Between One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen Made Megumi Luffy Counterpart as Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates


  • Even though One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen are two anime from different times, they are one of the most popular anime with millions of fans all of the world.
  • Since both Jujutsu Kaisen and One Piece are published under Shonen Jump Magazine, they released a collaboration between them with Jujutsu Kaisen characters dressed up as the Strawhats.
  • The Jujutsu Kaisen Pirates chose Megumi Fushiguro as the captain since he allowed punching Satoru Gojo legal without any limitations and made the bow of the ship, a dog.
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Watching anime is one of the best recreational hobbies that one can have, and when the watchlist includes anime like One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen, there is no way that people are going to have a bad time. While most people do not believe it, the whole anime world is intertwined. There was an edition of the Shonen Magazine where the Jujutsu Kaisen characters dressed up as One Piece characters.


Collaborations are nothing new in the anime world. If people had watched Gintama, they would know better than how many easter eggs there are in that anime. Often, cover pages of several manga also hide easter eggs within them. When Naruto Shippuden was nearing its end, One Piece dedicated a cover page to Naruto. But the collaboration between Jujutsu Kaisen and One Piece is something we rarely see.

Jujutsu Sorcerers Became Pirates

One Piece by Toei Animation
One Piece

The Shonen Jump Magazine is one of the most popular magazines in Japan. There are several manga that the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine publishes. One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen are a couple of manga among the few hundred that it publishes. Often, there are collaborations between several anime. It is pretty entertaining for manga readers and provides insight into the characters.



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One such collaboration of the Shonen Jump Magazine featured the Jujutsu Kaisen sorcerers dressing up as One Piece characters. Yuji Itadori dressed as Monkey D. Luffy, Kugisaki Nobara dressed up as Nami and Megumi Fushiguro dressed up as Tony Tony Chopper. The manga panel also showcased the trio discussing who will be the captain of the crew.

Megumi Fushiguro is rumored to die in chapter 237 in Jujutsu Kaisen
Megumi Fushiguro

Hearing the discussion, Megumi Fushiguro said that if he becomes the captain, then he will allow punching Satoru Gojo possible without any time frame or limitations, and he will also make the ship’s bow a dog. After putting this down, he was chosen as the captain of the Jujutsu Kaisen pirates. The bow of the ship was the face that Gege Akutami used to identify themselves in this work.

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More on Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is going through a glorious time in the anime and the manga. The fans are loving season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen, and the manga is currently nearing the culling games. Even though Jujutsu Kaisen is not a part of the modern Big Three, it is considered to be part of the “Shonen Dark Trio.” Gege Akutami has done a great job with the serialization. They are trying their best to make it as good as possible, even though few people blame them for favoring the antagonists’.

Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen

JJK has several comedic moments, which are like a breath of fresh air among the dark, gloomy aura that surrounds the anime. But none of them come close to the Jujutsu Kaisen Pirates. Even if it was just a single-page collaboration between them and One Piece, it will be a hit among the fans if it ever gets animated. After all, Megumi Fushiguro as Tony Tony Chopper is unheard of.

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