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Re-live Your Childhood With These Hilarious Tom And Jerry Memes

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Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in the year 1940 Tom and Jerry was an American animated series of comedy short films. Which were best known for its 161 dramatic short movies produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the main focus of this series was the fights between a house cats named Tom and a mouse that lived in that house whose name was Jerry. Each plot of the short films was the fights between Tom and Jerry and the chaos and massacre that were caused due to their fights. Though tom was clever, had an energetic mind-set, was large in size than Jerry, still all his clever strategies to catch Jerry failed recklessly due to Jerry’s crafty abilities, his good fluke, and him being a bit too reckless. Despite of That Tom and Jerry both have shown true friendship and concern for each other in hard time and that was the reason Tom and Jerry was one of the most popular show among kinds in the 40’s and kids of Now. So let’s ride back to our memory lane and re-live our childhood with these hilarious Tom And Jerry Memes.

1 That Annoying Moment:


2 So True:


3 Steve And Tom:


4  Tom Is Worthy Isn’t It ??


5 Corona Virus Played With Poor Tom:


6 Madagascar 100:


7 The Math’s Joke:


8 Dear Marvel And DC Stop Copying Our Tom:


9 Poor Iron Man:


10 True AF!!


11 Ouch……


12 Studying For Exams:


13 Hard Logic:


14 My Whole Life Was A Lie:


15 Dark Truth Of Tom:



Source: Mr.Turner





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