Reacher Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Review: How does Reacher know Orozco is dead?

The article recaps Reacher season 2 episode 2


  • This article recaps Reacher Season 2 Episode 2, titled "What Happens in Atlantic City," and will contain significant spoilers.
  • "What Happens in Atlantic City" is enthralling and action-packed.
  • Here at FandomWire, we give the episode a rating of 9 out of 10.
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This article of the Prime Video series Reacher Season 2 Episode 2, “What Happens in Atlantic City,” contains spoilers.

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That episode, “What Happens in Atlantic City,” begins with a classic Reacher moment. After leaving Swan’s home, they notice the same black sedan with the ominous-looking man on the list of the 101st’s unit. Reacher decides to introduce himself. He kicks the fender and hood so hard with his giant foot that it deploys the airbag, breaking the man’s nose.


When the man leaves the car, he complains about his nose. No matter what, Jack pushes him against the car after headbutting him. The man goes for his gun, but our guy punches him, knees him in the head, and then gives him a haymaker. The man falls to the ground, knocked unconscious. Neagley goes through his pockets and finds a New York Police Department badge.

They leave, and O’Donnell says they should get out of New York since they beat up a cop, and Sanchez and Orozco’s voicemails are full, which is never a good sign, he adds. Before the opening scene ends, David adds that the big guy is the reason they cannot have nice things.

Reacher (2023)
Alan Ritchson in Reacher (2023) | Image via Amazon Studios

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Prime Video’s Reacher Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Who does Reacher see in the airport?

Reacher spots Karla Dixon (Serinda Swan) walking towards a rental car counter when returning to O’Donnell’s car. They catch up quickly but ask what’s with the secrecy. He tells her they think someone is hunting their old unit because not only is Franz dead, but they can’t locate the rest. Dixon rents them a car, and they give each other a look, suggesting some history.


A flashback shows them going over numbers to solve a drug smuggling operation using military assets, including a plane. To celebrate, Dixon asks him (Alan Ritchson) to go out and buy her a beer. In a moment that Jack may have regretted for the rest of his life, he says no because he’s her boss. If that’s not incredible willpower, nothing is. I’m just saying.

They head to upstate New York to find Sanchez, but instead, they find his office ransacked like the others. The team locates his girlfriend, who tells him Sanchez, Franz, and Orozco are working on a case. Sanchez’s girlfriend even had a rude visitor looking for a small digital thumb drive, thinking she might know where it was. They confirm that Swan was not part of the operation.

Reacher (2023)
Alan Ritchson in Reacher (2023) | Image via Amazon Studios

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What does “650 at 100K each” mean in Reacher?

We don’t know what “650 and 100K each” means yet, but it was the last thing Sanchez’s girlfriend heard him say. Since it’s money and Sanchez and Orozco work security at a casino, they head over there to talk to their boss, who comps them a suite while they work their investigation. The group reminisces. Neagley works hard to get her father’s medical care, and O’Donnell is a family man.


When the group mentions Dixon’s upcoming big plans, Reacher looks hurt and assumes she’s pregnant. She says no, she was engaged, but they just broke up. They talk about Reacher’s lifestyle, and Dixon asks if he gets lonely. He doesn’t answer the question. He later finds her winning at blackjack. We also see Saropian sitting at a nearby table. They both go for a walk.

Dixon asks him how they never happened. He gives her the reason we see in the flashback. They notice three men following them. One is Saropian. Reacher kills one, stabbing and tossing him off construction scaffolding. Saropian tries to shoot Dixon, who uses the second bad guy’s body to shield the bullets, killing him. Jack drowns Saropian by showing his face in cement.

Reacher (2023)
Domenick Lombardozzi and Ian Ritchson are in Reacher (2023) | Image via Amazon Studios.

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Reacher’s Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained: How does Reacher know Orozco is dead?

The following day, Sanchez and Orozco’s boss deliver news that two bodies were found in the woods. Reacher knows Orozco is dead because he had his name tattooed on his back in case his face could not be identified and his dog tags were lost. His name is tattooed on one of the bodies.



  • After dumping the bodies in cement, Jack and Dixon call the boss (Robert Patrick), who is the man on Saropian’s phone. He threatens Reacher. Jack says, “Then why are you the one who sounds scared?” The man then hangs up.
  • After that moment, Reacher and Dixon go back to the suite and have sex. O’Donnell and Neagley (Maria Sten) comment on it the next day.
  • Andrew McBride buys GPS tracking and a route of a truck that is carrying missiles from a man who seems scared. The man wants assurance the weapons will only be used overseas and that the truck driver will not be harmed. McBride replies, “Of course.”
Reacher (2023)
Serinda Swan and Maria Sten | Image via Amazon Studios.

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