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Ready Player One Trailer: An Easter-Egg Hunt For Everyone

While everyone on the screen was looking for the Easter-egg hidden by James Halliday in the OASIS. Fans were doing the same on the other side.

The trailer has yet again proven the power of Steven Spielberg’s direction. With so many easter-eggs just in one trailer, you can expect much more in the movie. Another thing which excites us most is the time period this movie is releasing in. As you all may have seen, the IOI in the movie wants to take over OASIS which sounds so familiar with the recent times due to the net neutrality issue. I don’t know what will happen until March 2018 but it’s suspicious whether filmmakers would give such issue a visible nod in the movie.

Now let’s see if we could gather all the easter-eggs from the trailer-

IOI (Innovative Online Industries) – Yes the company mentioned in the trailer is an easter-egg for AOL (America Online).

Street Fighter – Most of you would have probably noticed Ryu from Streetfighter walking barefoot in the first few seconds of the OASIS introduction.

Batmobile – This scene also had a 1960 version of Batmobile.

DeLorean – In the next scene we see someone (Wade maybe) sitting in DeLorean from Back to the future.




Blanka – Another street fighter easter-egg when Blanka is seen ordering drinks on the bar in next scene.


Deathstroke – Most of you may have noticed Joker and Quinn from the trailer but were you able to see Deathstroke too in the next following scene? 

Bigfoot – When Wade makes a jump from the bridge on the Motorbike from the Show Akira we see a glimpse of Monster truck Bigfoot.

Gandalf – I guess the bearded master giving wade keys looks pretty much like Gandalf.

King Kong – Well, he was very much visible to everyone, so nevermind.

Joker and Harley Quinn – Yup, I don’t think anybody could have missed that.

Tomb Raider and Overwatch – We see a bunch of war hungry characters in this scene including characters from tomb raider, Overwatch and again Streetfighter.

Chucky – Who can miss Chucky from child play tearing a robot’s head.

Gundam – The RX78- Gundam could be seen in the very next scene flying in the sky doing what he does the best…DESTRUCTION. (Kidding)

Iron Giant – And then the trailer end with Iron Giant fighting the war.

Back to future – Yes, after the credits you can again get the nostalgic feel of Back to future from the similar tune playing at the end.

These were the main big easter-eggs which were easily noticeable. Other mentionable easter-eggs were – Deadshot, Battletoads, Mach 5 from speed racer and the boom box scene from 1989 movie say anything.

Phew! That was many easter-eggs in a short period of time. Tell us in the comments down below what other easter-eggs did you find out and share your views on the trailer and the parallel issue it holds with the net neutrality issue.

Written by FandomWire Staff

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