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The Real Explanation Why Deadpool’s Brain Is Messed Up


Everyone knows how insane and chaotic Deadpool is. The famous Marvel antihero is so messed up that there is no specific limit to what he can and will do.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

His instability is something that Marvel fans seem to accept and celebrate. Besides, it is part of his character and that is what sets him apart from the rest of the antiheroes in the Marvel universe. Fans can easily think, perhaps, it is the result of the inhumane experiment done on him, and indeed, it is a plausible idea. Or is it something else? Let’s find out.

Deadpool’s messed-up brain is partly linked to his memory issues. This is evident in Cable and Deadpool #13 issue by Fabian Nicieza and Patrick Zircher. In the comics, Wade Wilson probed into a murder that happened in town. It was revealed at the end of the issue that Wade killed the victim, and he has no recollection of the crime. He could not remember the reason why he had to slaughter the man.

The Reason Behind Deadpool’s Deranged Mind

Deadpool Tabula Rasa Comics Strip
Comics strip from Deadpool’s issue about ‘Tabula Rasa 16’

In another Marvel comics issue, Wade discovers another shocking truth about his own brain. In the 2013 issue of Deadpool #14 by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, and Scott Koblish, Wade learns that Bartol Utler, also known as The Butler, took organ samples from him after his Weapon X program experimentation. The man sends Wade to sleep and performs the surgery, after which he injects a memory-wiping formula called Tabula Rasa 16.

One dose of the said chemical does not only erase memories but also develops certain malfunctions in the brain. This entire event triggered the mercenary into committing his most vicious crime – murdering his parents.

Deadpool Comics
Deadpool comics scene

It may seem that this unruly personality of the antihero is innate, but it is only a part of the side effects that the Tabula Rasa 16 does to him. In Deadpool #16 issue, the chemical is revealed to have brought random changes in Wade’s personality, thus causing him to act and do ridiculous things. How unfortunate that the thing which makes the Merc with a Mouth so interesting is also the reason that makes him even worse day by day.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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