Real Reason Armor Wars Was Turned into a Movie – Story Got So Brilliant it Became Evident a Disney+ Show Budget Won’t Do it Justice

Real Reason Armor Wars Was Turned into a Movie - Story Got So Brilliant it Became Evident a Disney+ Show Budget Won't Do it Justice
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Colonel James Rhodes has been a part of the MCU since the 2008 Iron Man. So when the studio announced that Armor Wars would feature Don Cheadle’s War Machine, fans were excited to know more about the man inside the suit. The lead star has also claimed that fans would learn more about Colonel Rhodes with his film and his appearance in the upcoming Diney+ series Secret Invasion. The studio earlier announced that Armor Wars would be developed as a series.

Armor Wars on Disney Plus
Armor Wars

But later it was announced that the series would now be developed as a feature film and would have a theatrical release. The changes have also caused some production delays, and the studio has not revealed an official release date for the movie. So far, the studio did finally reveal the reason behind the change. But Marvel producer and VP has finally revealed the reason. 

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Why did Marvel Studios Decide to Develop Armor Wars as a Movie?

Marvel producer Nate Moore has finally explained the reason why the studio decided to change Armor Wars into a movie. During his appearance on The Town Podcast, he was asked what led the studio to develop Armor Wars as a movie and how do they decide, “Oh, this is a movie. This is not a show.” 

Nate Moore said that the real reason behind the change was the budget. The producer claimed that Armor Wars was too big to be developed as a Disney+ series. “Our Disney+ shows are awesome, and we love them, but the budgets are not the same as the features, that’s no secret,” he told the podcast. 

Don Cheadle as Colonel James Rhodes
Don Cheadle as Colonel James Rhodes

Nate Moore further said “And when you’re talking about a show that wants to be about seeing all the cool armors. And Don Cheadle interacting with all these armors, and the legacy of Tony Stark, that became cost-prohibitive to do as a show.”


The producer also mentioned that the movie would feature some of the beautiful imagery from comic books. Not just that Moore also revealed that it would allow them to leverage ideas from this movie that may affect other movies down the line. 

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Would Tony Stark Return For Armor Wars?

When Marvel Studios announced its decision to develop Armor Wars as a movie, there were speculations that it would bring back Tony Stark in the MCU. And this was the reason they decided to change it into a movie. In comics, Tony Stark developed an AI, so that he can continue to live even after his death. 


Avengers: Endgame portrayed something similar during his farewell scene in the film, where Stark’s hologram looks directly at his daughter and says, “I love you 3000.” So there could be a possibility that he has already developed an AI version of himself in the MCU. 

Tony Stark hologram in Endgame
Tony Stark hologram in Endgame

And it would serve as a perfect opportunity for the character’s return to the MCU. Not just the AI, with the introduction of the multiverse into the MCU, there are possibilities for the return of several retired characters. However, Don Cheadle has said that Armor Wars would focus on Rhodey and how he is affected by Tony’s death. 

Armor Wars is expected to follow Rhodey doing everything possible to get the Stark tech back after it gets out. Robert Downey Jr has also said that he has played the character for so long and wants to focus on new characters. So fans might have to wait a little longer to see Iron Man back on big screen.


The official release date for Armor Wars is not revealed yet.  

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