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Realistic Baby Yoda Replica is Yours for $350

Realistic Baby Yoda Replica is Yours for $350

How much do you love Baby Yoda? That question can now be answered in the form of a highly-realistic replica of The Child that retails for $350. Created by specialty manufacturer Sideshow in partnership with Legacy Effects, The Child replica is 1:1 scale, measuring 16.5 inches tall, and has crazy meticulous detail from the fuzz on his head to his tiny clawed feet.

This is, by far, the most accurate replica of “Baby Yoda” coming to market. He comes with a ship deck base, his fluffy swaddling coat, and even the shift knob from the Razor Crest (which he tries to hide in his hand.) The Child is constructed of plastic, resin and fabric.

Sideshow designed and developed the figure, while Legacy Effects handled the sculpting, molding, painting, and cutting and sewing. The quality is really astounding.

Baby Yoda figure

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Sideshow is accepting pre-orders with expected shipment between August and October of this year. There’s even a payment plan of $52.50 per month for those fans who can’t plunk down the full $350 in one shot.

Disney has been criticized for not being prepared to bring Baby Yoda to market in tandem with the broadcast schedule for The Mandalorian, but it’s commendable that they decided to not create any spoilers by bringing toys to market too soon.

Now Disney and other toy companies are working round-the-clock to get their Baby Yoda products into fans’ hands before the buzz wears off. Disney will bring their Baby Yoda plush to stores starting in April. This can be pre-ordered here.

Hasbro is also working to cash in on The Child fandom with a number of products, all available for pre-order.

The other highly-anticipated product is the Baby Yoda plush from Build-A-Bear. There’s still no date of when the doll will be available, but the CEO of Build-A-Bear expects to beat other companies to market. I guess that makes sense since kids have to stuff the dolls themselves.

So how much do you love Baby Yoda? Enough to shell out $350? Let us know what you think of this new collectible and its price.

Written by Kent Wissinger

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