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Matt Reeves and Mattson Tomlin Starting On ‘The Batman 2’ Script, As Reeves Signs Multi-Year, First Look Deal With Warner Bros. Discovery

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During the recent upheaval over at Warner Bros. Discovery, with David Zaslav axing projects left, right, and center, fans have been worried that Matt Reeves’ planned Batman trilogy would be the next on the chopping block.

Thankfully, it seems those worries were unfounded and unwarranted, with news breaking Reeves has started work on The Batman 2, bringing in Mattson Tomlin to help. Tomlin jumped on board The Batman when rewrites were occurring during the third act, albeit he didn’t get a writing credit for his efforts. This time, he’s in from the get-go.

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The Batman: Revamped

The Batman 2
Robert Pattinson as The Caped Crusader

Whilst the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been going from strength to strength, the last nine years since Man of Steel kicked off the DCEU have not been kind to DC fans. With more bad entries than good, fans were crying out for DC to push out something faithful to the source material, and a good film in its regard. Enter Matt Reeves.

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Reeve’s was brought into the DC fold back when Ben Affleck’s Batman was supposed to get his own solo movie, written and directed by the titular star. After the poor reception of Batman vs Superman and Justice League, this idea was shelved pretty hastily. Whilst Reeves has admitted to reading and enjoying the script Affleck had written, he decided to go in his own direction.

The Batman 2
Ben Affleck as the DCEU’s Batman

Taking the character on as a standalone version, rather than one connected to the larger DCEU directly, seems to have been a masterstroke. Not weighed down by the connective tissue of the universe, Reeves was able to make a more beleaguered, tortured, and less well-adapted version of Bruce Wayne/Batman. 

Having a grounded version of the character worked wonders, and whilst it’s not without its flaws, The Batman, is arguably the most interesting and faithful version of the character since we first saw Bale’s take on the man under the cowl. Even more so when the film showcases Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne completely throwing himself into his alter-ego, dealing with his pain and grief with his attempt at ‘saving Gotham’.

The Batman 2 In The Works, We Don’t Want To Wait Five Years

The Batman 2
Barry Keoghan as The Joker

Initially thought as a full gone conclusion after The Batman ran to a global box office of over $700 million dollars, the recent turbulence over at Warner Bros. Discovery threw that certainty out the window. However, it does seem we’ve now got confirmation the script for The Batman 2 is being worked on, and the film has been greenlit for production once that’s finished. 

Bringing on board Tomlin from the ground up seems to be a good choice too, as he is becoming no stranger to comic book adaptations after his help on the first film. He’s currently working on Keanu Reeves’ graphic novel adaptation BRZRKR, as well as making his comic book debut last year with his mini-series Batman: The Imposter.

There’s understandably zero news about plot points, but there’s been plenty of fan theories and rumors thus far. After the teaser at the end of the first film, showcasing Barry Keoghan’s Joker talking to Paul Dano’s Riddler, fans are expecting the staple Batman villain to appear more prominently in the second film. 

Either way, be it the Joker, Bane, or another Batman rogue we’ve seen less of on the big screen (give me Firefly and Mr. Freeze), the expectation for The Batman 2 is high.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter 

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