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“Refusing to apologise for toxic behaviour”: Fired DCU Actor Ray Fisher Goes to War Against James Gunn Following Henry Cavill’s DCU Release

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War seems to be on the horizon of DC Studios. Yet another day passes by with James Gunn and Peter Safran as the new heads of the superhero franchise, and you know what they say, ‘a new day marks new troubles’, or however the saying goes.

Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher

Ex-DCU star Ray Fisher recently blasted the Peacemaker director as he addressed his behavior as “toxic” for deleting a string of tweets about Joss Whedon with whom the Justice League star has a history of conflict. And the actor most definitely did not hold back.

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Ray Fisher Slams DC’s co-CEO James Gunn on Twitter

Popularly known for playing the role of Cyborg in Justice League (2017), Ray Fisher hopped on Twitter to criticize James Gunn for showcasing “fake grace” as he taunted DC Studios for being unapologetic for their “toxic behavior.”

Accusing Gunn of deleting certain tweets associated with Joss Whedon, Fisher went off on The Suicide Squad filmmaker with guns blazing. To give you some backstory, Joss Whedon took over directing Justice League post-Zack Snyder’s departure, and back in 2020, Fisher accused the former of abuse and creating a toxic environment on the film’s set.

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Ray Fisher FandomWire
Ray Fisher as Cyborg

In his tweet bashing the DC head, Fisher posted screenshots wherein Gunn apologized for liking a tweet that apparently defended Whedon and how after a while the said tweet was shown to be deleted. The 35-year-old actor thus went ahead to back his case up by saying how Gunn merely “pseudo-apologized” for his actions.

Besides Fisher, yet another DC star came forward to address the subject of Whedon’s “toxic” behavior on the set of Justice League. Gal Gadot had first spoken up about it in an interview with Elle, but she also claimed that the bosses at Warner Bros. handled things satisfactorily enough. But that’s clearly not what Fisher seems to think.

James Gunn Responds to Ray Fisher Thrashing Him on Twitter

In a span of three hours after Fisher blasted Gunn on the social media platform, the latter responded to it all, stating how there is a feature that automatically deletes his tweets “every few months.” The Slither director thus remarked how that had “nothing to do” with Fisher.

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Even fans in Fisher’s comment section pointed out the same as they reminded him of this feature on Gunn’s Twitter account due to which his tweets end up getting deleted every once in a while without him deliberately doing it.

That being said, the hurdles in the producer’s path seem to be never-ending as he keeps battling with problem after problem with regard to DC every other day. Being the CEO definitely has its perks, but for Gunn, it looks like there are more difficulties than benefits associated with the position.

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Written by Khushi Shah

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