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Reimagining 20 Superheroes As Villains.

As we all know that The Marvel Universe is not only loved because of its Superheroes and action they show, but also the craze of Alternate Universes. For many years What If…? Was tremendous string of comic books that gives writers a good amount of opportunity to go insane about their characters that can be different in alternate Earths? Writers had the full authority to either alter the origins of some superhero or rather completely make them villains. DC has had a specialization in creating superheroes into really twisted bad guys. Like for instance the Justice League on Earth One was The Crime syndicate on Earth three. Just like that Marvel has also played this a few times, like making Captain America the Leader of Hydra. And this has given fans some great ideas on drawing Marvel Superheroes as the bad guys, some are easy to imagine as villains, but there are a few who have been given a pinch of DC to make them more believable. So let’s have a look at them!

#1 The Punishing Devil:

#2 Black Lantern Mar-Vell:

#3 Dark Thunder:

#4 Demonic Sorcerer Supreme:

#5 Symbiote Stark:

#6 The Deadly Spider:

#7 Hydra Wasp:

#8 The Fearsome Four:

#9 The Devilish God:

#10 Oscorp Spider:

#11 The Black Predator:

#12 The Spider Squad:

#13 Captain Hydra:



#14 Blacker War Machine:

#15 Scarlet Phoenix:

#16 Blackest Widow:

#17 Iron Hydra:

#18 Evil Strange:

#19 The Lethal Couple:

#20 Rogue Magneto:

#21 Red Lantern Wolverine:

#22 Evil Star Lord:








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