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Remastered Mass Effect Trilogy To Reportedly Release This Fall

The remastered Mass Effect trilogy will release sooner than fans anticipated.

Moreover, a new report suggests that the long-awaited remastered collection will release this fall itself.

It will take over the EA’s usual blockbuster release spot. The spot is for the new Star Wars game or the new Battlefield game.

Neither of those games is ready for the release this fall. 

Very Few Details

Mass Effect Trilogy poster

The report provides very few details about the trilogy. It failed to mention it’s cost and or an accurate release date.

Neither did it say the gaming platform on which the trilogy would be released. Its good to assume that gamers will enjoy these titles on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

It will be interesting to see if EA also drops this trilogy on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

EA would also think of releasing the trilogy on next-generation gaming consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X.

But they will have to put in too many efforts in making it next-gen, assuming they use the PS5 and Xbox Series X technology appropriately.

DLC Package

It is also unclear if EA would bundle together all the DLC packages.

One would safely assume that it would, but it won’t be out of the blue if a remastered collection releases without the DLC bundled in it.

It won’t be the first time EA would leave out DLC from its remastered collection.

However, since the Mass Effect DLCs are highly popular and essential for the game-play, it’s next to impossible to imagine EA leaving out the DLC package.

Teased Report

The report came from a European outlet Gamereactor. There is no doubt about the reputation of the source, but still, nothing is official yet, and all things are subject to change.

Even so, fans won’t be surprised if more about the game is revealed at EA Play 2020 which is scheduled later this month.

Many know that this isn’t the first time the game has become a talking point. Back in May, it was rumored that EA would release the remastered collection of this beloved trilogy. It was also teased to be releasing soon back then. 

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