Remedy’s Alan Wake has an Easter Egg Staring Us Right in the Face for the Last 14 Years

There is always a new detail.

remedy’s alan wake


  • Remedy is always making new Easter eggs for all of its games.
  • X user RuleTime discovered a new detail on the cover of the original Alan Wake that not many fans had noticed before.
  • There is another character on the game's cover that only a few people have seen. This Easter egg is also part of the title's plot.
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Remedy is a popular developer that pushes the boundaries between narrative and gameplay a bit closer. In the first Alan Wake game, this studio included an Easter egg on the game’s cover, a feature that few players noticed until today. 


X user RuleTime posted a full picture of the cover, showing how a very important character of the game was also part of the cover, which no one had noticed until now. The comments even show how this was on the cover of only certain versions of the game, which have more space to add that detail.

Alan Wake Still Surprises Many Gamers With a Hidden Easter Egg That Nobody Noticed

An X user discovered an Easter egg on the cover of the original Alan Wake.
An X user discovered an Easter egg on the cover of the original Alan Wake.

The first Alan Wake, originally exclusive to the Xbox 360, narrated the tale of a writer who faced a block and was unable to complete his book. In an attempt to find clarity, he travels to the remote town of Bright Falls, where his wife, Alice, unexpectedly vanishes.


After this strange event, the people in the town become more aggressive, and the objective of the game is to survive while you look for your missing wife.

RealTime, an X user, recently discovered that on the game’s cover was an Easter egg that nobody had previously noticed. In the Remedy title, the cover shows the protagonist with the iconic flashlight, but there is also water.


The water is an allusion to the game’s plot, which involves a little fiction. You can see a face emerging from the water. This face is Alice, the protagonist’s wife, who goes missing in the game.

After More Than 10 Years, Fans Are Mind-Blown by This Discovery

Remedy is really used to putting this kind of detail in its games.
Remedy is really used to putting this kind of detail in its games.

The post on X went viral, and many users replied to it, saying that they never noticed that detail. In this 2010 game, Taken from the game, are also visible within the reflection of the water; these are the main enemies that you encounter within Alan Wake.

Remedy has just surprised everyone with this Easter egg, which demonstrates the attention to detail that this particular cover has for the game’s story.


In the majority of the replies, the users were not aware of that particular Easter egg. They also displayed a few covers from the physical game, which lacked this detail. Depending on the game version, the final illustration included or excluded this part of the cover.

Fans are still shocked to discover this, almost 14 years after the title was released. Alan Wake is extremely popular right now, following the successful launch of the second title.

Remedy is working on several titles right now; one of them is the remake of the first two games of Max Payne. The studio is also preparing a Control sequel and looking to expand the universe of this particular title. The company has a really bright future ahead, and the fans of the games are looking forward to seeing the next projects that this developer has. After the latest title, the studio’s reputation is amazing.


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