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Remembering Ray Liotta: His Greatest Cult Classic Movies, Ranked

Ray Liotta was a New Jersey-born actor who rose to fame in the 1990s. He passed away this week, depressing an army of film fans. But still, we will recall his contributions as the best. Reports say that he died in the Dominican Republic during the shoot of a movie called “Dangerous Waters.”

Ray Liotta's best seen movies
Ray Liotta’s best-seen movies

Let’s celebrate his work and career, by looking back at his best films including lead performances. Here is the ranked list of his greatest cult classic movies of all time.

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Best of Ray Liotta Classic Cult Movies Ranked

Ray Liotta movies ranked
Ray Liotta’s movies ranked

Top 5 most liked Ray Liotta’s classic cult movies of all time.

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1) Something Wild

Something Wild 1986 of Ray Liotta
Something Wild

This movie, starring Melanie Griffith plays a free-spirited role. She kidnaps a yuppie for a weekend of adventure, but things take a wild turn when her ex-husband appears. He achieved a Golden Globe nomination playing the ex-role. And he made Jeff Daniels’ life a nightmare in Jonathan Demme’s comedy, which maintains a cult following.

2) Goodfellas

Goodfellas starring Ray Liotta 1990 movie

Ray Liotta stars as Henry Hill in this movie. Martin Scorsese’s sprawling gangster chapter wraps his life in the mob and his relationship with his wife Karen Hill, including his fellow hoods Jimmy Conway. This is a moral story about what we can distract from the American Dream. And how we achieve it at the cost of innocent people.

3) Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams, Costner of Ray Liotta
Field of Dreams

This movie starring Liotta covers a story of an Iowa corn farmer (Kevin Costner) who analyzes them as a command to create a baseball diamond in his fields. It’s packed with a baseball and cinematic nostalgia, and Phil Alden Robinson’s fable just makes you feel satisfied. Especially when we see Liotta’s enthusiastic work as “Shoeless”, as Joe Jackson.

4) Unlawful Entry

Unlawful Entry movie starring Ray Liotta
Unlawful Entry

This movie is based on an incident of a violent break-in, a couple named Kurt Russell and Madeline Stowe befriend the responding policeman. This role is played by Ray Liotta, he assists in their investigation and toughens their home security, but things took a turn when the cop overstays his welcome. It’s a criminally underrated 90’s family thriller. Liotta chewed up the scenery as the ragged cop stacks on Russell and Stowe’s happy household.

5) No Escape

No Escape (1994), Ray Liotta
No Escape

Liotta played an action hero as a soldier sentenced for murdering his commanding officer before he was tossed and left to die on a prison island occupied by two camps of criminals. This movie is one of the least seen sci-fi adventures that brings a bunch of thrilling scenes, including stunts and explosions, and also covers a required dose of humor.

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Written by Shreeparna Das