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REPORT: Hawkeye Series Delayed Indefinitely

What some may deem the inevitable has happened and the Disney+ Hawkeye series has been delayed indefinitely.

However, the delay isn’t due to the recent legal issues surrounding star Jeremy Renner or the fact that current potential Kate Bishop candidate Hailee Steinfeld has yet to officially commit to the series, instead it is because of a more cinematic reason.

Twitter user Charles Murphy claimed that Hawkeye has in fact been delayed because of a change in trajectory to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Disney and Feige need to introduce new plot points to the franchise before the upcoming Disney+ series plays out.

There has been a recent shake-up to the Disney+ Marvel line-up not only with this latest news but the recent news of WandaVision being pushed forward a year from 2021 to precede the now directorless Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness to sometime in 2020, as well as the hotly anticipated Ms. Marvel starting production this April despite originally not being on the table until after 2021.

However, Hawkeye being delayed isn’t necessarily a bad thing for those involved. Not only could this delay give actress Hailee Steinfeld more time to agree to portray Kate Bishop but the indefinite delay should hopefully surpass any legal or personal issues that current Hawkeye Jeremy Renner may be facing.

Going by what Charles has disclosed as the reasoning for this delay though, the question remains as to what plot points Marvel Studios wants to introduce before allowing Hawkeye to run its course.

One theory bubbling around the subject is that Marvel Studios wishes to formally introduce the Young Avengers as it will give more time for Stature, Wiccan, Speed, and even Ms. Marvel to be properly introduced in their superhero personas.

Tying into this theory is a plot point Charles believes could be added to the upcoming Ant-Man 3 which apparently centers around the Young Avengers, which would make sense given that Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie is Stature and a founding member of the team in the comics.

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However, as Ant-Man 3 isn’t currently slated until 2022, so is Hawkeye’s delay a way to also move the third part of the Ant-Man trilogy up? Only time will tell.

Why do you believe Hawkeye was delayed? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Jai Howlett

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