‘Resident Evil 3’ Remake Rumored to be in Development


According to various sources, Capcom is working on a Resident Evil 3 remake set to release in 2020.

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YouTuber Spawn Wave and news website Eurogamer claim that their sources say that a remake of Nemesis is underway. Spawn Wave also broke that George R.R. Martin was working on a game with FromSoftware months prior to Elden Ring’s E3 announcement.


According to Eurogamer, Capcom won’t announce anything about this remake anytime soon as they are focused on ‘Project Resistance‘, a multiplayer spinoff.

It is likely that these reports are true as Capcom said that they want to “explore” more remakes following Resident Evil 2 which sold over 3 million copies in only one week.


Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Resident Evil 2’s producer, told Game Watch that he would consider a remake of Nemesis if Resident Evil 2s was received well.

What is ‘Resident Evil 3’?

Resident Evil 3 came out for the PS1 in 1999 and, in the game, you play as Jill Valentine, who returns from the debut title, as she attempts to escape Raccoon City during Resident Evil 2’s zombie outbreak.


It ties the entire trilogy together as it takes part during 2, after 2 and before 2. The Nemesis hunts Jill throughout the game and they are a brand new biological weapon made by the Umbrella Corporation.

The Nemesis is similar to the Tyrant from Resident Evil 2 but it is enhanced in nearly every way, from strength to speed to intellect, making it a truly formidable foe.


If the game is truly in development, it may come out for both the current generation consoles and the next-generation ones, as 2020 is also the year that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett launch.

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