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Resident Evil 4 Remake – All Skippable Sections Guide Part One

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The Resident Evil 4 remake is a masterpiece and upon reading the title of this article, you may be wondering why anyone would want to desire to skip any part of this glorious game. However, Resident Evil is a series that has always encouraged re-playability, and a major reason to replay these games is for the sake of speed-running.

If you are a player who enjoys the thrill of chasing the world record for beating games in the quickest time possible, then the following list of segments that can be skipped in Resident Evil 4 should hopefully help you out. There are also a few trophies up for grabs which involve achieving an S rank upon completion. Beating the game as fast as possible goes a long way towards earning that S rank.

Those residents do look pretty evil.
Those residents do look pretty evil.

This will be the first of four articles covering all of the skippable sections in the Resident Evil 4 remake, so please stay tuned for the rest coming over the next few days.

Note: We will not be including any exploits that require glitching the game within this list, (such as using the scope to glitch Ashley through a locked door, or the Mendez boss fight skip,) given that these will likely get patched out in a future update.

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Resident Evil 4 Chapter 1 – Village Fight

Shooting that bell with a pistol will take a while.
Shooting that bell with a pistol will take a while.

The iconic opening sequence of Resident Evil 4 was also the section of the game that players got to play through in the Chainsaw Demo prior to release. However, it was only discovered once the game was released that this fight can be skipped entirely. It should be noted that this exploit does require using a scoped rifle, so it would be very difficult to achieve on your first play through. Then again, the idea that anyone would want to skip this section on their first play through is outright baffling to me.

Upon starting a New Game+ play through, make your way towards the village gates as normal. Then, ignore the prompt to watch your cop buddy being burnt at the stake and instead run straight past the pyre, being careful to avoid the outstretched arms of the infected. Run until you are almost at the dead end and take a left into the house that has two floors.

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As Leon enters the house, a short cutscene will play out that sees Dr Salvador enter the fray. Immediately head upstairs and take a sharp right through the window. You will land on a rooftop, where you want to turn right again and run to the edge of the roof. If you then used your scoped rifle to look beyond the tree to your left side, you will see the bell tower in the distance. All that you need to do now is fire one well-placed rifle shot onto the bell to bring an immediate end to the chaos unfolding around you.

Resident Evil 4 Chapter 1 – Farm Area

Unfortunately there isn't much you can do about this guy barging through the barn door, though you can run past him.
Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about this guy barging through the barn door, though you can run past him.

After the infected all leave the village to head for the bell tower, the next action set-piece area that Leon will come across is the farm. Unlike the bell tower exploit, this one can actually be achieved upon the first play through, as all that is needed is a hand grenade, which can be attained by looting the village area.

Upon reaching the farm area, take an immediate right where you will see a woman raking leaves. Head towards her direction, being careful not to get too close and alert her to your presence. To the left of the woman you will see a small hole in the wall of the locked building. Toss your hand grenade through that gap and the explosion will destroy the padlock on the inside of the back door, allowing you access to grab the wooden cog needed to progress.

Resident Evil 4 Chapter 6 – Chainsaw Sisters Mini Boss Fight

See those drawers on the right? That is where you want to fire your bolts.
See those drawers on the right? That is where you want to fire your bolts.

The next skippable section comes in chapter 6 once Leon has met up with Ashley. As you approach the wall of the wooden shack that the Chainsaw Sisters burst through to initiate the boss fight, be careful not to get too close to the wall and trigger the cutscene and equip the bolt thrower. It is here that levelling up the bolt thrower will pay off dividends.

Make sure you have got some explosive bolts crafted and fire 4 of them into the wooden drawers on your right hand side as you face the wall. Then head towards the wall and the cutscene will play out. As soon as the cutscene ends, the explosive bolts will explode due to the enemy presence and the two sisters will be dead immediately, allowing you to loot their corpses and collect the checkpoint crank needed to progress.

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Stay tuned for part two of our guide to all of the skippable sections in the Resident Evil 4 remake coming soon!

The Resident Evil 4 remake was played on PS5 with a code supplied to FandomWire by Capcom.

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