Resident Evil’s Next Remake May Make Capcom Fans Incredibly Happy if Rumors Are to be Believed

It might be time to say goodbye to the fixed camera perspective.

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  • Resident Evil 1 is reportedly getting the REmake treatment at Capcom.
  • It's possible that this is the big surprise waiting for fans at the franchise's 30th anniversary.
  • The original 1996 game already has a remake, but there's a chance that this REmake could mess everything up.
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The Resident Evil series has been on a roll lately. Whether it be the exceptional remakes Capcom keeps producing, or the continuation of the series with games like Village, it’s clear that there’s no stopping the most popular zombie game series ever. And the recent rumors only add more excitement to the fray.


Not only have leaks of the upcoming installment started spreading, but recently, rumors of a potential remake of Resident Evil 1, yes, the original game, have started surfacing. Though these are still rumors, there seems to be good enough evidence to suggest that this remake will take fruition and should keep hardcore fans happy until the next big original game.

Resident Evil 1 Reportedly Getting a Fresh New Remake

The original Resident Evil, released back in 1996, may be getting a modern remake after all.
The original Resident Evil, released back in 1996, maybe getting a modern remake after all.

2026 will mark the 30th anniversary of the Resident Evil series. Generally speaking, the franchise probably has something big planned for this monumental occasion. This is where the sparks of a remake of the original Resident Evil take center stage.


According to sources of X/Twitter account @PRE_Alarabiya, known as an Arab community for fans of the survival horror series, the remake will release in 2026.

As also stated in the above tweet, long-time Capcom employee and producer Masachika Kawata previously said during the Q&A section of an early screening of Resident Evil: Death Island that fans can expect to be surprised for the 30th anniversary of the series.


This would certainly be an insane surprise. The original game was released all the way back in 1996, but it also got an incredible overhaul and remake in 2004 titled Resident Evil HD (which fans now call REmake).

Fans of the franchise have been asking for a modern style reimagining of the original game, in the same style as the Resident Evil 23, and remakes, ever since it was announced that the older games would be getting fresh coats of paint. But only time will tell if this situation even ends up being true or not, as currently, there isn’t much known about this game other than the 30th anniversary hint.

This Rumored Remake Will Have a Lot to Live Up To

The REmake is still a fan-favorite survival horror gem.
The REmake is still a fan-favorite survival horror gem.

When it comes to Resident Evil 1, many consider the HD version to be the definitive way to play. The gorgeous visuals that still look amazing to this day, the cramped and spooky atmosphere, and the amazing puzzle design all make the game one of the best in the survival horror genre.


The fixed camera angles also add so much to an already terrifying game. The modern remakes are excellent, but there’s a chance that this could mess up badly and lose out on what makes the original game so excellent.

For starters, a third-person perspective is almost a given, but what if that ends up taking away from the game’s amazing level design and overall scare factor? Regardless, whether you’re excited for this overhaul or for the next original instalment in the series, there’s still plenty to look forward to in Capcom’s massive horror franchise.

Would you like to see a remake of Resident Evil 1? Or are you content with the HD version available on all modern platforms already? Let us know in the comments!


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