“Rest in piss”: James Gunn’s The Flash on Track as One of the Biggest Box Office Bombs of All Time With $200M Loss for WB

James Gunn's The Flash on Track as One of the Biggest Box Office Bombs of All Time With $200M Loss for WB

James Gunn had high hopes for the 2023 Ezra Miller starrer The Flash. With the movie being the first attempt at restoring the DCU, Gunn tried his best to forgo Zack Snyder’s vision and create an overhaul reboot of the franchise.

It wasn’t enough as the co-CEO of DC Studios was teased and trolled for his attempt at rebooting the DCU. With projections that The Flash is going to be a box office bomb, there are reports speculating that the movie will end up costing Warner Bros. Discovery a whopping $200 million loss.

A still from DCU's The Flash (2023).
A still from DCU’s The Flash (2023). (Credit: WB)

James Gunn Gets Trolled For The Flash’s Failure

With projections and early reports indicating a failure, the Ezra Miller starrer was supposed to be an overhaul of the DCU. James Gunn, being the co-CEO of the DC Studios along with Peter Safran had quite high hopes for a spectacular run at the box office.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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During the run of the movie, the box office collections seemed to collapse with each passing day. James Gunn being the director that pulled Guardians of the Galaxy from clutches of boredom and generalization, thought that he could also save The Flash from inevitable doom. Well, giving credit where credit is due, Gunn tried every tactic of advertising and marketing to try and make the sales but it seems that the case isn’t so.

Well, the box office collections aren’t great and the people cannot get enough of the trolling. Taking to Twitter, fans trolled the director and The Flash movie for its projected loss of $200 million!

Although the movie received a rating of 7.2/10 on IMDB and a rating of 64% on Rotten Tomatoes, The Flash received some acclaim due to the numerous cameos of various superheroes in the 2023 movie. Ironically enough, the director gave some constructive criticism on how Marvel Studios could perform better!

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James Gunn Calls Out Marvel’s Mistake

The Flash
The Flash (Credit: WB)

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In an interview, the director stated that even though he has worked for the MCU and the DCU, James Gunn does have a complaint that the MCU alongside the DCU needs to have a wider range of tones than a streamlined general narrative.

“Now that’s happening, it’s relatively new. The same thing with Marvel. I mean, even MCU is relatively new. So I don’t know if there’s any innate things about tone, because I think that what both MCU and DCU need to do is have a wider range of tones than they presently do. I think they work, but they could do a better job.”

With reviews and constructive criticism, James Gunn did try his best to promote The Flash but it did not reach the expectations of the people. The Flash is currently screening in theaters across the world.

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