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Retired Superman Brandon Routh Responds to James Gunn Shutting Down Henry Cavill’s Replacement Rumors

Retired Superman Brandon Routh Responds to James Gunn Shutting Down Henry Cavill's Replacement Rumors

Like most Superman actors who came before him, Brandon Routh has been highly acclaimed during his tenure as the red-caped superhero. But his mainstream appearance within the new and popular run of the DC franchise was negligible, and that too was overshadowed by the imposing and dominating presence of the DCEU Superman, Henry Cavill. With the new regime changes being carried out under the current rule of James Gunn and his visionary and futuristic ambition, the hero established into DC’s soul has been booted out to make way for a newer, younger, and less corrupted version.

It was as a response to this new and harsh putdown that Brandon Routh, the predecessor of Henry Cavill, felt the need to clap back at the direction that fans have predicted DC to be headed.

Brandon Routh as Superman
Brandon Routh as Superman in Superman Returns (2006)

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Brandon Routh Comments on a Fan Casting of Superman

The 2006 film, Superman Returns, hit two birds with one stone – or was it a plane? Brandon Routh’s first appearance as the Kryptonian superhero garnered him immediate global critical acclaim. Along with witnessing his rise as an actor in Hollywood, Routh also became a fan favorite for his portrayal of Clark Kent, an effect that was already magnified by his affinity toward the DC comics, unlike his predecessors, Christopher Reeve (Superman, 1978) and Tom Welling (Smallville, 2001-11).

As such, the brand value contained within the words and reactions of one of the most beloved Superman actors is felt when the actor in question even cracks as much as a benign joke.

The new reports of Superman casting have arrived in the aftermath of James Gunn uprooting the entire existent DC universe and canon of characters and their arcs in favor of a complete reboot. The new universe that will take its place is defined by a new and improved narrative that resets the chronology and timeline of events in a world that is a far cry from the one established by Zack Snyder.

Brandon Routh in Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover
Brandon Routh in Crisis on Infinite Earths arrowverse crossover

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James Gunn’s Plans For Justice League Heroes in New DCU

After Black Adam managed to single-handedly not only highlight but also deconstruct the entire dysfunctional system of DC (and everything that was wrong with the way it was operating), James Gunn used the film’s well-timed flop to pave the path for the old hierarchy’s exit and usher in a new era of change and sustainability. This new era under his guidance will be an expansive universe linked within itself and the narratives will extend beyond the peripheries of a limited number of films.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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The DC cinematic universe is set to emulate Marvel’s formulaic success created by the MCU and establish interlinked arcs and stories spanning the course of multiple films in the coming years. The new plans being laid down by James Gunn this January will feature the blueprints of the coming DCU and his ideas, which will most significantly deal with the formative phase of a new universe comprising the Seven will be executed on the big screen within the next 3 to 4 years, in the latest.

Source: Twitter | Brandon Routh

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