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Review: Original Sin From Preacher’s Kid to the Creator of CinemaSins

After reading 174 pages of Original Sin: From Preacher’s Kid to the Creator of CinemaSins in one day. What did I learn or truly gain from this book? Not jack at all. Correction, let’s pump the brakes on this one because I did learn some things from the co-founder of CinemaSins. Before we get there this is going to be as transparent as possible to present readers with an honest review. Not pulling back on any punches just like Scott’s book here. Original Sin is definitely a book for the hardcore fans of the YouTube channel. Probably not for the casual viewer or anybody else outside that particular list. The memoir is junk food for the brain that provides a quick read that’ll bring the reader the occasional chuckle or two per chapter.


Yet, one can’t help but notice that the author talks in circles almost as if they’re eating up pages in order to meet the quota of what makes a legitimate book. Some pages didn’t need to be included because the reader has already read the drivel before. Jeremy Scott loves to get drunk on his business trips, he brags how much money he makes, brags about the expensive food he can afford, and that the reader should try that expensive food. Then there’s repetitive cursing, and I get it that some people curse a lot when they talk. I am guilty of that, but there’s a point where it becomes obnoxious to read and it feels like reading a pre-teen learning his first curse word. As I was reading further into the book realizing how often Scott gets drunk and makes a mess of himself. I then remember this is a man in his 40s that has a family; there was a wave of secondhand embarrassment.

Jeremy Scott makes it clear numerous times that his book isn’t about how to be famous or successful. It’s about a man wanting to share some of his personal stories and I do appreciate his sincerity. Dumb luck is a big part of success for Scott and a lot of other people as he mentions in his book. That is something I agree wholeheartedly with. I appreciate his love for cinema, food, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. With that said Original Sin is for the hardcore fans, it’s not worth the price at $17.99 because this is something that could have easily been a YouTube short on his many channels. Original Sin is 5 out of 10 sins. Book comes out May 18, 2021.

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