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Armor Wars: Rhodey Getting Multiple New War Machine Suits, To be Jacked Up With Insane Firepower

James Rhodes Armor Wars new War Machine Suits

The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, revealed Armor Wars for the first time at Walt Disney’s 2020 Investor Day. The studio confirmed the show during its presentation at the 2022 D23 Expo. Marvel revealed a new logo for Armor Wars with the question, “What happens if Tony Stark’s tech falls into the wrong hands?” Don Cheadle also attended the presentation at the D23 ExpoHe will reprise his role as Colonel James Rhodes, aka War Machine, in the upcoming Disney series. 

Armor Wars on Disney Plus
Armor Wars on Disney Plus

Ever since its announcement, fans are excited to see the War Machine in action again. Marvel has recently updated the show’s details on its website. The new update confirms that the Rhodey will be operating multiple new war-machine suits in Armor Wars

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Armor Wars Will Follow A Similar Storyline As The Comic

Armor Wars is expected to follow the story of the comic book of the same name. The comic is written by Bob Layton and David Micheline with artist Mark D. Bright and Barry Windsor-Smith. However, the show will not have Iron Man, as in the comic. In the comic, Tony Stark discovers that a villain was using Armor based on his tech. 

War Machine FandomWire
Don Cheadle in the Iron Patriot suit

However, the show will follow up on the events after the death of Tony Stark. The basic plot would still be the same, as the show will follow up on Tony Stark’s tech getting out and used by villains to fulfill their agenda. Justin Hammer is expected to be the antagonist of the show, who would be using Tony Stark’s tech to rebuild his line of armored suits.

Rhodey Will Get Multiple High-powered Armor Throughout Armor Wars

The show did not receive any mentions during Marvel’s presentation at San Diego Comic-Con. But Don Cheadle has confirmed the plot of the series at the D23 Expo. He said the show follows the same story as the comic. Tony Stark’s tech will get stolen, and Rhodey aka War Machine will take the responsibility to get it back from bad hands.

War Machine
War Machine

He further said, “And as Marvel does, it’s also an opportunity to take the mythology and tip it on its head a little bit and come up with different ways to tell the story, so it’s doing that and has done that in spades.”

The new update on Marvel’s official website says that fans will see the character in a new light. It further states, “Considering the title of the series, audiences can look forward to all-new suits for the hero, featuring different types of armor.” 

War Machine FandomWire
War Machine

The actor was asked if he will be taking over as Iron Man in the MCU. He said he doesn’t think anyone can step into Tony Stark or Iron Man’s shoes. Further, he said that Rhodey is his own character, and in this show, fans will learn more about him. Fans will get to know what Rhodey wants, who he is, and what his place in the MCU will be.

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Which Characters Are Expected to Appear in Armor Wars?

There were rumors that Tony Stark’s daughter Morgan Stark will also be appearing in Armor Wars. There are also rumors that Sam Wilson will also appear on the show as the new Captain America. Fans are also expecting to see Harley Keener in the show. He earlier appeared in Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Endgame. 

However, Marvel Studio has not revealed any further details about the plot and cast of the show. Marvel has only revealed Don Cheadle as James Rhodes as the cast of Armor Wars. No other cast members are revealed yet. The studio has also not released any details about its release date. 

War Machine
War Machine

However, Marvel has recently made an addition to phase 5 and phase 6 of the MCU lineup. The new addition is made after Thunderbolts and before Fantastic Four, which will be released on September 26, 2024. As Marvel has confirmed Armor Wars, it can be the latest series added to the MCU lineup.

The production of the show will start sometime in 2023 and is expected to release in 2024. Marvel has also not announced an official release date for the show. 

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