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Ridley Scott Brutally Shuts Down Napoleon’s Historical Accuracy Criticism in 1 Fell Swoop

Ridley Scott had a fitting reply to the critics who labelled his movie on Napoleon as unnatural

ridley scott brutally shuts down napoleon’s historical accuracy criticism in 1 fell swoop


  • Ridley Scott is no stranger to the genre of historical dramas, with a film like Gladiator under his belt.
  • His recent movie, Napoleon invited some harsh reviews from the French audience despite reviews elsewhere
  • The director had a befitting response to the comments made by the critics

Ridley Scott is undoubtedly one of the most popular directors of all time; he has made a name for himself directing iconic films such as Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, The Martian, and many other incredible films.

In terms of directing, Ridley Scott has a meticulous and atmospheric style with an emphasis on visuals, thus creating powerful images in all of his films. He has directed a wide variety of films, ranging from epics to sci-fi to crime films, among many others.

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Harrison Ford in Blade Runner
A scene from Blade Runner

Ridley Scott Dismantled Criticism Hurled Against Him For Napoleon’s Historical Inaccuracy

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Ridley Scott’s next film is Napoleon, a period film based on the life of the former Emperor of The French. This is common territory for Ridley Scott as he has a lot of experience writing historical films already.

Despite receiving praise in the UK for Napoleon, which features Joaquin Phoenix as the embattled French emperor and Vanessa Kirby as his wife Josephine, French critics have been less enthusiastic. Le Figaro described the film as potentially being titled “Barbie and Ken under the Empire,” while French GQ criticized it as “deeply clumsy, unnatural, and unintentionally clumsy.” Le Point magazine even quoted biographer Patrice Gueniffey, labeling the film as “very anti-French and pro-British.”


While speaking to BBC, Ridley Scott was asked to respond to the criticism meted out against the film. Scott maintained his characteristic swagger and shut down all the critics, stating that the French don’t even like themselves and he asked those who stated that the film was historically inaccurate – whether they were there during Napoleon’s time to discern its accuracy.

The French don’t even like themselves. The audience that I showed it to in Paris, they loved it.”

Were you there? Oh you weren’t there. Then how do you know?

The film has a runtime of 2 hours and 38 minutes and is expected to go through six major battles in the life of the former French Emperor. Naturally, fans are very excited about what they will come to see in the film.

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Ridley Scott directing Napoleon
Ridley Scott on the set of Napoleon

Ridley Scott’s Napoleon Might Be His Most Ambitious Film Yet

Ridley Scott is most certainly one of the most prolific and well-known directors thanks to his incredible work in the field, but his personality outside the Silver Screen paints an interesting picture of him altogether. He is a perfectionist, which has translated into many awards over the years – which he might also get for Napoleon.

All of his attributes have been translated well in Napoleon as Ridley Scott has worked extensively and tirelessly with Joaquin Phoenix and the rest of the cast to craft a meticulous portrayal of the former French Emperor while letting Phoenix shine in the thing that he does best – act for his life. 

Joaquin Phoenix looking serious in Napoleon
Joaquin Phoenix in Napoleon

The film is set to release in the USA on November 22nd, so we will have to wait and see whether the film will end up being a huge hit soon. After all, Ridley Scott has a track record for making solid films in the past.


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