Ridley Scott’s Thoughts on Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Performance


Ridley Scott has spoken out about Joaquin Phoenix‘s performance in the picture Joker. Phoenix was the latest actor to take on the character of the Joker and he did it under the excellent direction of Todd Phillips.

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Phoenix and Scott just collaborated on a new project. Phoenix will play Napolean in Scott’s forthcoming film Kitbag, which begins shooting in 2022, as revealed in 2020. The film chronicles Napolean’s meteoric rise to power in France, which had hitherto gone undocumented. Kitbag will most likely focus on Napolean’s deft battle tactics and tumultuous relationship with Josephine, his true love.


His Views On Phoenix’s Performance In Joker

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix in Joker

Scott discussed his thoughts on Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in Joker in a recent interview with Deadline. In a summary, Scott described Pheonix’s work as “almost Shakespearean,” claiming that much of what viewers see on film is based on the character’s legitimately “damaged soul.” Scott expressed his opinion that Phoenix can “do anything,” but he is especially excited to watch his portrayal of Napoleon take shape as he breathes it into existence.

Scott and Phoenix Will Team Up Nearly After 2 Decades

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator

It’s been more than two decades since Scott and Phoenix teamed up to bring the world Gladiator, a historically-based and now-legendary picture. Scott’s latest remarks show how much he admires Phoenix’s whole body of work, with his performance in Joker being just one of many highlights. Scott also seems to hint at his high degree of faith in Phoenix’s ability to depict any given character by noting that he will be present to “monitor” the performance.


It’s thrilling to think of Scott and Phoenix reuniting after such a long time, especially since Kitbag appears to be in the same genre as Gladiator, in which Phoenix starred as Commodus. Phoenix’s Oscar win for Joker demonstrates his complete domination as a performer. With 20 years to perfect his craft since Scott’s 2000 epic Gladiator, it seems unlikely that the couple will fail on any level with their new endeavour. As production nears, more tantalising information regarding Phoenix and Scott’s newest collaboration are expected to emerge.

Source: Deadline


Written by Prachee Mishra