‘Rise of Skywalker’ Brings Three Sith Back Into Canon

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Two different Star Wars games are now potentially considered a part of the official Star Wars expanded universe.

In the newest visual dictionary, there is a section that gives an explanation of the new Sith Troopers. The Sith Troopers are the blood-red troopers that are a part of Palpatine’s army, called the Sith Eternal. In the dictionary, it says that the troopers are split up into legions of about 5,000 troopers and each legion is given a number and the name of a Sith Lord to mark each legion. The book shows that one of the legions is named The 3rd: Revan Legion. In reference to Darth Revan. 


The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary was released this week in tandem with the release of Episode IX. The book has been released for all of the Disney released Star Wars films but always focused only on the film it was released for. 

Darth Revan first appeared in the Star Wars video game, Knights of the Old Republic. It took place 4000 years before The Phantom Menace and told of the ancient war of the Jedi versus the Sith and the events that transpired before the Rule of Two began. Revan was both a Jedi and Sith at different moments in his lifetime which is what made him so compelling in the game. 

After the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm, Disney decided to reset all of canon. The only things kept in their expanded universe were the 6 original films made by George Lucas and his and Filoni’s animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. Everything else was pushed into what is now called ‘Legends’. This decision pushed characters like Revan, Nihilious and Bane out of the canon, until Clone Wars added Bane back in. 


With this new revelation, it opens the door for Disney to put more of the Knights characters back into the official canon as Revan has been. 

Coincidentally, two of the other legions were named The 44th: Desolous Legion and the 39th: Phobos Legion. These two legions are named after two Sith Lords that appear in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game series

When the Force Unleashed was released back in 2008, it was released on both the PS3/Xbox 360 and the PS2/Xbox generations of consoles. On the older version of the game, Starkiller fought two Sith Lords, named Desolous and Phobos. But that is the only time they really appear in a visual format. 


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With these different Sith Lords as part of the official canon now, Disney needs to start using these characters to their benefit. With how the reception to The Rise of Skywalker is going, the idea of Jedi vs. Sith is becoming more financially lucrative for them. 


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