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Roar Cast Talks New Apple TV+ Series

Roar Cast Talks New Apple TV+ Series

Apple TV+‘s upcoming series Roar is set to premiere on April 15 on the streaming platform. On this occasion, we had the chance to chat with the cast of this unique new anthology series, based on a short story collection written by Cecelia Ahern. Created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch (Glow), the cast of Roar includes Nicole Kidman (also an executive producer of the series), Cynthia Erivo, Allison Brie, Issa Rae, Merritt Wever. The official plot reads:

“‘Roar’ is an anthology series of darkly comic feminist fables. Spanning genres from magical realism to psychological horror, these eight stand-alone stories feature ordinary women in some pretty extraordinary circumstances. In ‘Roar,’ women eat photographs, date ducks, live on shelves like trophies. And yet, their struggles are universal.”

During the press conference for the show, Alison Brie, the star of The Woman Who Solved Her Own Murder declared that this project was so unique in this genre:

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It truly was unlike anything I had ever read before, or seen before, I think. And that was part of the joy of working on it, it was sort of, figuring it out as we went along, which was really fun. I feel like even when I read it I was like ‘oh this is exciting’ and I don’t really know, what it is!”

We sat down with Merritt Wever, the star of The Woman Who Was Fed By A Duck, the fifth episode of Roar. In this story, Elisa (Merritt Wever) begins a relationship with a duck. Yes, you read correctly. A duck, like, you know, the bird. So, this duck who first appears like this cute and funny new partner turns out to be an abusive companion. Through this episode, Elisa will have to re-learn to think about her first, about her needs, her desires, her identity, and her self-worth.


Nicole Kidman herself fully supported the choice of “The Woman Who Was Fed By A Duck”, since it wasn’t originally picked to be adapted. Liz Flahive previously declared that Nicole Kidman stated:

If we’re not doing this one, then why are we doing this show? It’s bold, it’s subversive and we should do it!”

We asked Merritt Wever how it was like for her, as an actress, to transfer the emotions and feelings she would normally have with a human scene partner to an animal:

I think that was exactly the reason why I wanted to do the episode. The idea of making something, a relationship, a dynamic, a situation that was very absurd and unbelievable, believable.”

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