Robert Downey Jr. Acted Like a Creepy Fanboy During an ‘Oppenheimer’ Watch Party With Singer Paul McCartney

Robert Downey was busy fanboying Paul McCartney the entire time and couldn't focus on Oppenheimer.

Robert Downey Jr. Acted Like a Creepy Fanboy During an ‘Oppenheimer’ Watch Party With Singer Paul McCartney


  • After not being able to attend the premiere, Robert Downey Jr. organized a special screening of Oppenheimer in Hampton, New York.
  • While the guestlist involved many prominent names, the one celeb who brought out the fanboy in RDJ was Paul McCartney.
  • Due to the Golden Globe winner's fascination with the Beatles singer, he couldn't even focus on the film.
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While the last decade was pretty empty in terms of major accolade wins for Robert Downey Jr., 2024 has finally ended the drought with him picking up a Golden Globe for Oppenheimer. Besides RDJ’s win, Oppenheimer tallied five wins, including Awards for Best Drama, Actor, and Director, earning Christopher Nolan his first win.


But it wasn’t only at the Award ceremony that the film rocked, as it also became one of the biggest summer blockbusters despite not fitting the traditional definition of one. Unfortunately, despite its dominance at the box office, the crew members weren’t allowed to attend the premiere following the Hollywood strike. However, RDJ didn’t mind it, as in return he got to watch the film alongside Beatles icon Paul McCartney, someone he couldn’t help but fanboy.

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Robert Downey Jr. | Oppenheimer
Robert Downey Jr. | Oppenheimer

Robert Downey Jr. Couldn’t Focus on Oppenheimer After Being Starstruck by Paul McCartney

Although Robert Downey Jr. is one of the biggest names in showbiz, that doesn’t mean he can’t have his fanboy moment, as the actor recalled being starstruck by Paul McCartney. After not being able to attend the premiere, the Tropic Thunder Star organized a screening in Hamptons, New York, with a guestlist including the likes of Michael J. Fox and Steven Spielberg. However, the celebrity that would bring out the fanboy in RDJ was McCartney, who sat beside RDJ. The actor explained he couldn’t even focus on the film, as he was busy smelling and imitating the singer!

He told Jimmy Kimmel:

“And then I sit down, and the movie starts and I realize I’m sitting next to Paul McCartney. And I was like dude, Paul McCartney RSVP’d and he’s sitting next to me. And then I was just like, smelling his cologne, and I started like, breathing in the same rhythm as him. I didn’t even watch the movie.”

But it appears this isn’t the lone instance of the Golden Globe winner getting starstruck, as Downey Jr. explained he finds himself “getting starstruck and fanboying out all the time”.


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Paul McCartney | Credit: British GQ
Paul McCartney | Credit: British GQ

Unlike RDJ, Fans Were Completely Glued to Oppenheimer Despite the Presence of Christopher Nolan

While RDJ lost focus from the big screen following the presence of the Beatles icon, this wasn’t the case for the fans present in the Imax alongside Christopher Nolan. The Dark Knight director, who sneaked into the back of an Imax screening alongside his family to experience the audience reaction firsthand, was stunned seeing fans take huge interest in the period drama. He said (via Variety),

“It was a remarkable experience to be there. Every seat was filled, and the focus on what was happening on-screen was so strong. That level of engagement was something that I’d never really felt before. Real attention was being paid.”

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Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. in Oppenheimer
Oppenheimer (2023)

Considering cookie-cutter blockbusters have dominated theatres over the past decade, witnessing a 3-hour period drama getting major mainstream buzz was a breath of fresh air.

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