‘I remember certain colleagues having a lot of fun with me’: Marvel Star Robert Downey Jr Confessed Hooking Up With Many Co-Stars, Used ‘Therapeutic Tools’ for Healthier S*x Life

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Robert Downey Jr. is an enigmatic personality. To say he has established himself as one of Hollywood’s finest talents would be an understatement. While most celebrated for his depiction of Tony Stark/Iron Man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe spectrum, he’s also famed for other endeavors such as Sherlock, Due Date, Dolittle, The Judge, etc. Therefore, he’s nothing short of a Hollywood sensation.

Robert Downey Jr. In Avengers: Endgame (2019).
Robert Downey Jr. In Avengers: Endgame (2019)

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RDJ is also known for his quick-witted, sarcastic, and honest nature. He has been very vocal about several aspects of his life that fall under the TMI category. On previous occasions, many years ago, before his rise to Marvel stardom, the actor stated many facts that reaped quite the response amongst the masses of that time. Needless to mention, the actor has never shied away from being open about his various s*xual escapades.


Robert Downey Jr. Was Involved With Many Co-stars

In a 2008 interview with the Scottish paper Daily Record, Robert Downey Jr. detailed the lowest point in his life and how he subsequently freed himself from the struggles he had been facing for a while. He rose above the arduous challenges and established within himself a stable, secure, and healthy mindset. 

Robert Downey Jr.
RDJ reflected on his past

Years after the 1997 controversy that had befallen him, the actor starred in several projects like Bowfinger, US Marshalls, and The Gingerbread Man. In the interview, he reflected upon those attempts and questioned what must have gone on at that time. Following is what he had to say: 

“I think stuff like ‘That was a fun day but, God, I ate way too much rice before lunch’. Or ‘Did I b**g her?’. That type of stuff. I know exactly what movies I was almost continuously drunk on when we filmed. And I remember certain colleagues having a lot of fun on the set with me.”

Elaborating further on his rather scandalous statement, the Iron Man star affirmed that in Hollywood, “every second star” is involved with their co-star; a direct result of having spent lots of time on set together. However, Robert Downey Jr. also emphasized that he would not spend his time listing the names of those co-stars. 


Hence, the Sherlock alum and his claim substantiated how he would hook up with most of his co-stars in that specific period of his life.

Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr.
Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr.

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It must be mentioned that despite the troubles of the past, Downey Jr. kept stating how he had bounced back to a much better state where he felt grateful for his life and his partner, Susan Downey. In the same interview, RDJ said the following:


“…Yes, I am now a respectable married man. I am clean, I work, I am in love. It is almost like a perfectly normal life. I have stability now.”

He further stated that he wholeheartedly believed that his wife would help him through all the phases of his life, the good and the bad. There’s no doubt that the Dolittle star loves his wife dearly, which brings us to the next segment.

RDJ Used Therapeutic Tools For A Healthy S*x Life

Robert Downey Jr.
How the couple maintain a better private life

On the Howard Stern Show back in 2010, Robert Downey Jr. made a shocking appearance, to say the least. The questions were direct, straightforward, and somewhat intrusive. Nonetheless, the MCU legend maintained a dignified stature and responded with the utmost poise ― even though some of his answers were equally TMI-worthy. 

When asked about his s*x life, he elaborated that he aimed to maintain a healthy relationship with his wife Susan Downey by incorporating “therapeutic tools” that are “private” and “effective.” He also affirmed that “it’s the greatest.” Therefore, yet again, the actor did not once shy away from being vocal about specific aspects of his life.

Robert Downey Jr makes an incredible comeback in Hollywood
Robert Downey Jr. remains poised even under scrutiny

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In the same interview, he had been open about his mental health, his therapy sessions, and other TMI-esque details. Not once, however, did the actor lose his cool when put under such scrutiny. As always, he remained cool, suave, and ever-so-charming. 

This was a decade ago. A lot has changed since then but Robert Downey Jr’s dedicated, ambitious, and sharp-witted personality never wavers. Therefore, it is not a shocker that even off-screen the fans love and adore him for all his intriguing traits — including his uber-candid nature. 


Source: Daily Record

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