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Robert Pattinson Might Not Appear as Batman in ‘The Penguin’ Series Due to Disney to Avoid Legal Battle

Robert Pattinson Might Not Appear as Batman in ‘The Penguin’ Series Due to Disney to Avoid Legal Battle

Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman are three superheroes from among the dozens of superheroes of today who have had generations of fans following them and remain relevant in today’s superhero universes. The web-crawler is an integral part of the MCU, while Superman and Batman remain as some of the titans of the DCU.

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The success of The Batman (2022) led to fans clamoring for a sequel to the story of the Caped Crusader, and it seems that director Matt Reeves had similar designs. Reeves wanted a movie to show audiences events happening a week after the events of the 2022 thriller. There are now confirmations of a TV series to do the same, and reveal to audiences one of the more popular Batman villains, the Penguin, in The Penguin.

Bruce Wayne, and not Batman, may feature in The Penguin

For being one of the most popular superheroes ever, Batman faces a quagmire of legal troubles. Post a trio of mergers, Disney has now entered the mix alongside 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. to figure out potential TV rights to Batman, who is played by Robert Pattinson. As a result, it is highly unlikely that audiences will get to see the vigilante superhero in any TV shows shortly, including The Penguin.

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Robert Pattinson

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The legal mess does not prevent a Bruce Wayne appearance, however. Batman has been increasingly appearing suited up only at night and out of the sun, so that might be some grey area for the studios to work out of if they do want to shoehorn the superhero in. Irrespective of whether that happens, Bruce Wayne is likely to be present in The Penguin and prove himself to be a pivotal character even without using his alter ego, as he has done previously across TV shows as well.

The Penguin is some way off, but it promises to be a thriller

An iconic villain is what makes a superhero movie a masterpiece these days, even more so if audiences connect with the villain on a personal level. Thanos of the MCU has shown as much, and villains which leave audiences with a moral grey area wondering about the justification of their acts have only grown in number after the Mad Titan entered into the superhero universe. While the Penguin isn’t a supervillain on that scale, his character arc is promising.

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The Penguin

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The eight-episode HBO Max TV series The Penguin will show audiences the crime lord Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot as he rises to prominence in the criminal underworld and assumes the moniker of the Penguin. His appearance may be compared to the MCU’s Kingpin, with the Penguin also being immaculately attired in a monocle, top hat, and morning suit. The Penguin’s intellect makes him a dangerous opponent for Batman and one of the best-written comic-book villains of all time, and it remains to be seen how The Penguin does justice to the character.

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