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‘Robert you good bro?’: Robert Downey Jr Confuses Fans, His Tweet Demands Quality Education For All Children – in Portuguese

Robert Downey Jr Confuses Fans, His Tweet Demands Quality Education For All Children - in Portuguese

The Iron Man fame Robert Downey Jr recently headlined the news after one of his tweets raised quite a buzz on the internet. The Avengers star took to his Twitter account to speak about education for children. The real buzz occurred as the fans were confused why the whole Tweet is in Portuguese. But there isn’t any cryptic message of a superhero comeback in the Tweet as these stars often do and as many fans often think, rather it’s related to the Brazilian election.

Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr is considered a legend of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is also rumored to appear in the last movie of the ongoing MCU Multiverse Saga titled Avengers: Secret Wars. But looks like currently, the star is trying to become a superhero in real life.

Robert Downey Jr tweets for children’s education

The recent Tweet by the Tropic Thunder actor created a buzz over the internet as the fans were intrigued by his Portuguese statement about children’s right to education.

If translated into English, the tweet by Robert Downey Jr read:

“With access to quality education, every child can invent their best future. Don’t wait for it. Vote for it. #NotEveryHeroWearsACape”

The Sherlock Holmes actor re-tweeted a tweet by a prominent Brazilian presenter Luciano Huck who said that Education is capable of changing people’s lives and to protect that, he is going to vote on Sunday. As a reply, the Hollywood star replied with the above Tweet and also added “#NotEveryHeroWearsACape”.

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Robert Downey Jr FandomWire
Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man

The tweet is targeted toward the upcoming Brazilian elections between Jair Bolsonaro and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. But Downey Jr’s link in all this didn’t happen all of a sudden. This all was initiated by none other than the Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson.

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The Avengers Assemble for Brazilian cause

The Avengers during the Battle of New York
The Avengers

The people accustomed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe can very well relate to this. Similar to the Avengers project where Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury assembled Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for a noble cause, here he assembled them to support the better side at the Brazillian Elections. Recently Jackson mentioned Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Don Cheadle, and Benedict Wong in a tweet and called for the true heroes to come together.

The actor who is going to be spotted in Secret Invasion re-tweeted Portuguese comedian Fabio Porchat’s tweet where he called the Avengers to support them in the elections. According to reports, they are not happy with Bolsonaro’s rule as he encourages activities like mining and deforestation. Responding to Jackson, all the other MCU stars he tagged, replied to him back.

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Chris Hemsworth tweeted that this Sunday the citizens will have the power to vote which is more powerful than any hammer:

The Doctor Strange actor Benedict Wong tweeted that they are all against oppression and the wizards will make sure that the election goes peacefully:

Mark Ruffalo tweeted that “Real Science makes us stronger, as Bruce Banner proves”:

So it is interesting to watch that the Marvel actors are also superheroes in real life also as they love to stand up for people and somehow this makes them nothing less than an Avenger.

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Written by Subham Mandal

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