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17 Rom-Coms You Secretly Like But Everyone Else Hates With Passion

In the 21st century, the word Rom-Com comes right after the word ‘carbs’ in the list of bad words. We know, we get you. If you admit that you like rom-coms or don’t (not even secretly), the unlearning process won’t be fair if you haven’t watched these decent ones. By decent, I mean a few of the Rom-Coms that actually achieve the basic prerequisites of the genre – being simultaneously romantic and comedic. Without any further ado, let’s look into the list of Rom-Coms that you might like (secretly), and even if you hate, we will make sure that you hate passionately. Get a cozy blanket and grab some popcorn and explore our list of 17 Rom-Coms that are worth liking(secretly).

1. Obvious Child

Girl meets boy; boy gets girl pregnant. You can surely tell that it’s not the ideal set-up for a rom-com and which is exactly why Obvious Child is a must. Can a romance blossom out of an awkward turn of events that lead to abortion? Let’s be hopeful for these two kids here.

2. Man Up

The story actually begins when a girl named Nancy end up accidentally going on someone else’s date.

3. Libeled Lady

Long story short, when a lady sues a newspaper, the editor hires a reporter to compromise her. But soon, he fell for her, and then he had to determine how to tell the love of his life that he’s been assigned to ruin her.

4. The Decoy Bride

Quite a bland romantic comedy in the Richard Curtis style. The ludicrous plot involves the impending marriage of British Novelist James to glamorous American movie star Lara.

5. About Time

The sweet, familiar, reassuring story is as bland as rice pudding. The plot unexpectedly changes midway through. Also, the plot covers a fair number of years of character’s lives.

6. When Harry Met Sally

Even if you are a passionate Rom-com hater, watch this one. You can’t help but fall for Rob Reiner’s modern classic.

7. Friends with Benefit

It’s relatively predictable and also enjoyable if you aren’t the judgmental type. Both Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are delightful to watch. You won’t regret watching it.

8. The 10 Year Plan

This rom-com has the handsome buddies Myles and Brody deciding to become boyfriends if they don’t find partners in ten years.

10. The Proposal

The movie is about a couple who initially start with hating each other but end up liking one another. You’ll certainly enjoy this rom-com.

11. Crazy Stupid Love

Romantic Comedy movies aren’t always impressive. But this movie has changed the fact. The playboy Ryan Gosling finally fell in love with Emma Stone. Moreover, it has an adorable storyline.

12. The Philadelphia Story

80 years after its release, The Philadelphia Story’s grace is still intact. It also might be the definitive romantic comedy.

13. Barcelona

The movie shows struggle, passion, and forgiveness, and that too in a beautiful way. You might consider watching this.

14. Modern Romance

15. 10 Things I hate About You

It is a rom-com based on Shakespeare’s The Taming Of The Shrew. The most appealing part of the movie is it limits the exaggeration part. Definitely, a good rom-com to give a watch.

16. She’s Out Of My League

There is quite a bit to like about this amiable, goofy rom-com about a mismatched couple.

17. How To Be Single

This is about the dating adventures of young people in the big city. Considerably, a good-to-go rom-com.

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Written by FandomWire Staff