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Romance Movies That Best Portray Love Based On Reddit Users

Romance movies have evolved throughout the ages. The way films portray love and relationship changes as people, like seasons, do change as well. It is not the same as what we perceive as love in the fifties or the seventies. Love in our modern time is more liberating.

A filmmaker’s job is to capture the real essence and sentiments of what love is using different lenses. There is no exact, single definition for it, but rather an accumulation of a thousand specific little things that slowly connect and build their own meaning. Reddit fans share which romance movies they think best represent love in its best interest:

Before Trilogy (1995-2013)

Before Sunset romance movies

Jesse and Celine spent the day walking the streets of Vienna talking about life and love and everything in between. Soon they find themselves attracted to each other’s energy, and, by sunrise, they had to part ways and live their lives separately.

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But the lovers wanted more connection, and yet they are stuck in a situation where they had to make a choice. The trilogy presented not only the ups and downs but also the entire sphere of a relationship. Reddit fan ArrenPawk said they “don’t think anything even compares in realism and authenticity than this trilogy.”

500 Days Of Summer (2009)

500 Days of Summer

A lot of fans debate over the main message of this movie because it presents an unconventional type of love. Two lovers find themselves wanting different things and trying to work them out despite their differences.


The narrator is so in love with Summer, the female lead, which brings up the debate on emotional dependency in a relationship. Reddit fan acrunchycaptain said that “some of the biggest debates in the entire relationship have revolved around this movie.”

The Art Of Getting By (2011)

The Art of Getting By

The Art of Getting By is a coming-of-age drama that shows how love felt for the first time can transform a person and change every fiber of their being. The protagonist, George, is a carefree and pessimist guy, until one day, he met Sally, and his life turned around.

Young love can be exciting and promising, and it can also do good things for people. Reddit fan JoseUnderTheRedHood said that he has not “seen too many movies as grounded or relatable as this one.”

Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool (2017)

Film Stars Dont Die in Liverpool romance movies

An older woman and a younger man may not be the typical depiction of love, but, in reality, it happens, and it can be such an experience.

The movie presented the idea and the challenges both lovers experienced. While there’s romance and passion, the harsh realities are always looming over. Reddit user Quirky_Ad_7325 thinks that “the relationship between the two main characters shows that age doesn’t really matter.”

Friends With Benefits (2011)

Friends with Benefits romance movies

This is a common trend nowadays where people engage in commitment-free relationships. Both parties set boundaries that will make them friends but with benefits, too, without the complications of a serious relationship.


Redditor nightfan thinks the movie has “very predictable but has likable characters.” If you’re looking for something light but romantic to watch, this is a perfect choice!

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