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10 Romantic Interests Of Vision In The Marvel Universe

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Despite being a humanoid, Vision is one of the most appealing Marvel characters. He is smart (obviously) and an absolute gentleman. In a time when our sanity is on the edge like Wanda’s, Vision seems to be the perfect harmony for our mind. Similarly, many Marvel characters have been attracted to the affable nature of the powerful synthezoid. Ever since WandaVision has taken control of our minds, fans have been obsessed with digging more into Wanda and Vision’s relationship. They might be the ultimate mismatched-power couple of the MCU, but these Avengers have had romances with other heroes as well. Yes, superheroes other than Scarlet Witch have been head over heels for the Vision. Find out the 10 romantic interests of Vision in the Marvel Universe.

Cassie Lang

vision cassie lang

This version of Vision was a separate entity from the original one and was created with Iron Lad’s brain waves. He went on to call himself Jonas and reunited with the team of Young Avengers. Later, Jonas also confessed his feelings for Cassie Lang, which was ignited because of Iron Lad’s brain patterns. The two went on to build a romantic relationship that caused animosity between Iron Lad and Jonas.

Carol Danvers

carol danvers

After Vision and Wanda’s marriage fell apart and the two began to move on, Vision decided to ask out Carol Danvers. The superhero said yes, after Wanda gave her blessing, as she herself was going out with Wonder Man. It was a fun date filled with jet-skiing and hot dogs. But there was no second date given Carol’s busy schedule.


vision virginia

Not just Wanda, even Vision has attempted to create a family of his own using unique methods. He made Virginia, a synthezoid, using Wanda’s brainwaves. They further went on to procreate twins, Vivian and Vin, using their brainwaves. The family had a tragic downfall ever since Virginia killed the villain Grim Reaper who broke into their house. When a neighbour started blackmailing Virginia with a video of her burying the Grim Reaper, the confrontation went out of hand and led to his son’s death. Later, Virginia drank a liquid to wear down her body after confessing that she killed Vision’s “brother”, Victor.


mantis and vision

Vision and Mantis always shared an unspoken spark between them as Avengers, but never acted on it because of Vision’s relationship with Scarlet Witch. Later in Celestial Quest when the two reunited, they finally decided to give in to the heat for once.


vision falcon

When the Ultimate and X-Men found a disassembled body of an android, they learnt that it had come to Earth a century prior to warn them of the arrival of Gah Lak Tus, Eater of Worlds. On being repaired under the watch of the US, Vision came to be perceived as a female synthezoid. She ultimately joined the team of heroes to fight Gah Lak Tus and got closer to Sam Wilson aka the Falcon. They were pretty serious about each other and even exchanged keys to their homes. Sadly, this version of Vision died while fighting Tus.

Scarlet Witch

scarlet witch

Vision and Wanda share the most famous romantic tale in the Marvel Universe. Their relationship has been through severe ups and downs which no one can possibly imagine. They have been linked in almost every storyline in some way or the other as both of them were permanent members of the Avengers. Therefore, you will find the Scarlet Witch present in the backdrop of nearly all the other romantic encounters mentioned in this list. The two even got married and gave birth to twins. But their relationship eventually collapsed given how they kept traumatizing each other.


vision jocasta

Jocasta was a humanoid created by Ultron. Even though she had a thing for Vision, the latter only saw her as a friend. However, the two humanoids were tricked to spend a night together by villains Tabula Rasa and Anti-Vision after they took control over their minds.

Laura Lipton

laura lipton vision

When a dead cop, Alex Lipton’s father expressed his wish to be with his son one last time before his death, Vision accepted the request to give him closure. He allowed Lipton’s brain pattern to take over his body for one day and went to spend the day with his father. Not only that, but Vision also allowed Lipton’s wife Laura to kiss goodbye to her husband. However, no one except his partner knew that Vision was only pretending to be Alex Lipton for their sake.


vision deathcry

Deathcry was a member of the Shi’ar Empire who joined the Avengers to provide protection after they defeated their enemy, Kree. She eventually developed a crush on Vision and even tried to kiss him.


vision and eve

In the “Uncanny Avengers” issue, the team of Avengers was scattered to look for Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver on the High Evolutionary’s planet, Counter-Earth. During his search, Vision came across a synthezoid named Eve in an empty and technologically advanced city. He fell head over heels for Eve from the moment they encountered each other. Vision claimed that she completed him and decided to have children with her. But Eve was afraid of raising their children under the wild threats of High Evolutionary. Vision tried to convince her to live with him on Earth, but she refused and left Counter-Earth with their children to inhabit another planet.



Written by Ipshita Barua