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Ron’s Gone Wrong: London Film Festival Review

Ron’s Gone Wrong is a 2021 animated sci-fi comedy film directed by Jean-Phillipe Vine and Sara Smith. The film has an ensemble cast. It is about a lonely kid who finds a friend in a robot. It is a mixture of human values and sci-fi concepts. The story revolves around a shy kid Barney Pudowski (Jack Dylan Grazer) who is brought up by his father Graham (Ed Helms) and maternal grandmother Donka (Olivia Colman). Check out what the story is about below!

Barney and Ron the B-Bot in Ron's Gone Wrong
Barney and Ron the B-Bot in Ron’s Gone Wrong

Disney’s Ron’s Gone Wrong: London Film Festival Review

The protagonist Barney is ignored by other kids in school and hence feels left out. The other kids in the school are too busy with their AI friends called B-Bots. These are cute little egg-shaped robotic pets, almost the size of a cat or dog. They are connected to the internet and can change color and character according to the need(s) of their owner. What do they do? They find people around the owner who have the same taste and need and connect them with their owner. For instance, if you like burgers and there is a person around you who likes the same, the Bot would connect you two!

Disney's Ron's Gone Wrong
Disney’s Ron’s Gone Wrong

The movie is an extensive and exaggerated version of today’s internet culture. It also shows how parents of these children are willing to buy them their B-Bots. When Barney finally got his B-Bot, Ron (Zach Galifianakis) he is extremely delighted. However, that’s short-lived. His B-Bot Ron starts malfunctioning. But these flaws make him unique and useful!

In case you missed out on the trailer, check it below :

It is safe to say that this movie is a package on its own! It has a lot of elements that will make you sympathize with it. For instance, the scenes where Barney is bullied by other kids are so upsetting. Later, Ron and Barney form a bond that’s so special. The movie also has some funny scenes. For example, granny Donka is crashing around the kitchen!

Ron’s Gone Wrong is releasing on 15th October 2021 in the UK and 22nd October 2021 in the US.

Source: Deadline