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Rowan Atkinson Was Rejected From $9.6 Billion Harry Potter Franchise After His Wish to Play Lord Voldemort?

Rowan Atkinson Was Rejected From $9.6 Billion Harry Potter Franchise After His Wish to Play Lord Voldemort

Actor Rowan Atkinson is synonymous with his iconic character Mr. Bean, a role that he reprised for many years successfully. The British actor last played Mr. Bean in Mr. Bean’s Holiday in 2007 after which he went on to expand his filmography by choosing diverse films that still showcased his comedic side.

Mr Bean
Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean

One of his popular films outside of Mr Bean was Johnny English where the actor played a spoof of James Bond. He also starred in the Netflix original Man vs Bee, a comedy series about a house sitter who causes extensive damage while fighting with a bee. Apart from this, the celebrity was in the reckoning for a role in the Harry Potter movies that was diametrically different from his usual characters.

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Rowen Atkinson almost played Lord Voldemort

Rowan Atkinson was reportedly in talks with the Harry Potter Franchise for the role of none other than the powerful Dark Wizard and Harry Potter’s nemesis, Lord Voldemort. This character was ultimately played by Ralph Fiennes who entered the franchise in the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Often referred to as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”, Lord Voldemort is known for his extreme cruelty and chilling villainy.

Lord Voldemort
Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort

The incongruity of Rowan Atkinson possibly playing this character with such definitive evil shades could also have turned out to be a masterstroke. But this intriguing casting choice did not materialize. Ralph Fiennes meanwhile went on to own the role with a lot of success.

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There is uncertainty in the Rowan Atkinson camp about his potential Harry Potter gig

During the casting for the Harry Potter films, it was revealed that Mr. Bean actor Rowan Atkinson was approached to play Lord Voldemort. But he may not have been the first choice for JK Rowling who was allegedly interested in casting Tim Roth for the part. American actor John Malkovich’s name too made the rounds but was vetoed due to the author’s insistence that only British actors should be cast in the film. Despite Rowan Atkinson being a promising prospect for the films, the actor’s agent Janette Linden denied his involvement in the franchise and said,

“There’s no truth whatsoever that Rowan will be in the next Harry Potter movie”

Johnny English
Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English

The Johnny English star has never personally confirmed or denied his possible involvement in the films. Instead, he was quoted to have said that he was looking forward to working in films in which he had total understanding and faith in, along with a story that would inspire him to try something new.

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