“The taking over begins”: Indian Director SS Rajamouli of RRR Fame Signs With Hollywood Agency CAA, Set to Direct New Film Next Year

ss rajamouli joins caa after sucess of rrr
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The international acclaim for the SS Rajamouli-directed RRR has been profound, elaborate, and justified. The film, a fictitious quasi-historical-epic narrative centered around two Indian freedom fighters, reimagines and retells the journey of their struggles against British colonial rule in India. With its exuberant screenplay, meticulous VFX detailing, eccentric fight sequences, and awe-inspiring direction, the Indian Telugu-language endeavor took the world of commercial cinema by storm.


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A few months after the famed venture, a recent Deadline report has come to the surface, detailing director Rajamouli’s decision to sign up with notable and esteemed Hollywood agency CAA. Additionally, fans of his works all across the world would be ecstatic to know that he is also en route to directing a new film in the coming year.


SS Rajamouli To Direct A New Film After RRR

For the film connoisseurs accustomed to the nature and style of SS Rajamouli’s multiple endeavors, one can undoubtedly affirm the brilliance exuded by the director. On more than one occasion, Rajamouli has consistently offered the Indian as well as the international audience fruitful premises to look forward to; movies that are full-of-grandiose and ginormous in scale.

Baahubali - another famed endeavor by SS Rajamouli

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Before the ideation and making of RRR, the film that garnered a box office collection of $150–160 million worldwide, Rajamouli was also credited for Baahubali: The Beginning and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion — two movies that completely and utterly decimated the Indian box office records. The latter is best known for being the highest-grossing Indian film ever. Therefore, the director is not oblivious to the art of creating certified commercial hits.


One can argue that he has, in fact, perfected it.

SS Rajamouli
The legendary SS Rajamouli

With the international audience, too, recognizing the potential and astounding creative prowess possessed by the RRR director, it is no surprise to see CAA and SS Rajamouli officially join hands. Furthermore, the news of his next film, which will feature Indian star Mahesh Babu, will undoubtedly put a smile on anyone’s face, especially the fans who can’t seem to resist the Rajamouli-flair.

The untitled Mahesh Babu-starrer will go under production in early 2023, as per the Deadline report.


The Reaction Of The Fans

SS Rajamouli’s next film with Mahesh Babu has excited fans

The director has amassed a fan following like no other. Several Hollywood veterans have also attested to his greatness, singing the song of praises for RRR constantly. For them, the latest news has ignited excitement and anticipation. Fans cannot wait to see what else SS Rajamouli has in store for them in the coming future.

Take a look:


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With Rajamouli’s films making their way all across the globe, the upcoming days would be quite intriguing to witness. Singing up with CAA infers a promising future. At the present moment, audiences are rooting for the film’s critical acclaim at the upcoming Oscars. While India has submitted Chhello Show in the Best International Feature Film category as the representative film of the country, chances for RRR to win big at the 95th Academy Awards are not at all slim.


Reports stating that the film’s U.S. distributor will submit RRR for the Best Picture award have made fans expectantly anticipate the Rajamouli-directed premise to make history.

However, while such future scenarios are tinged with uncertainties, contemporary media critics have hailed the film as one of the best of this year. The film has already won the hearts of many and that in itself strives to be its biggest achievement.

RRR is available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: Deadline


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