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Ruby Rose Abandons Twitter After Negative Fan Backlash

Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose has abandoned social media after receiving negative comments as a result of her recent casting as Batwoman on The CW.

Rose claimed on Twitter that she was leaving after a mixed reaction to the news that she would be portraying one of DC Comics’ most iconic LGBTQIA characters in their library. Some of the criticism directed at Rose’s casting was that she was not gay or that she was too gay, to which Rose took personal offence to. Before deleting her social media account she had fired back at critics by saying the following:

Where on earth did “Ruby is not a lesbian therefore she can’t be batwoman” come from – has to be the funniest most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. I came out at 12? And have for the past 5 years had to deal with “she’s too gay” how do y’all flip it like that? I didn’t change ?

— Ruby Rose (@RubyRose) August 10, 2018

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While Rose did receive some negative fan backlash she also received some goodwill from people who were excited about the casting and what it means for the LGBTQIA population. Celebrities such as her The CW co-star Stephen Amell, Janelle Monae and Mariah Carey all took to social media to congratulate her on this big breakthrough casting.

Perfect . She will SLAY .
Congratssss @RubyRose ❤️?

— Janelle Monáe, Cindi (@JanelleMonae) August 8, 2018


I can’t speak for her acting quality and Ruby Rose is not Jewish, but I do have an issue with people criticizing her for not being a lesbian.

Ruby Rose is genderfluid and she has always said she prefers women.

It’s wrong to go around saying she’s not gay enough for #Batwoman.

— C.S. Conrad ?️‍? ??‍♀️??‍?✍??? (@Paradoxalpoised) August 10, 2018

The casting of Rose also received the blessing of Batwoman co-creator, Greg Rucka. Those who are familiar with Rucka’s work are certainly not surprised with this recent endorsement as he has been one of the strongest champions of diversity in comics after having written Batwoman and one of the most acclaimed runs on Wonder Woman.

Whether Rose decides to return to social media after receiving this negative criticism remains to be seen.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited to see Rose’s Batwoman? Let us know in the comments below!

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