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RUMOR: PlayStation 5 is Backwards Compatible with PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4

PS5 Backwards Compat

The PlayStation 5 is coming out this year, and it is rumored to have backwards compatibility for the past four generations of the PlayStation family. 

Rumors have started circulating that the PS5 will be backward compatible since last March when a patent created by Sony showed the possibility of backward compatibility by modifying the system structure as an emulator to run games under the original CPU and GPU requirements.

Basically, the games would run on an official PlayStation emulator, possibly insinuating that the PlayStation 5 could run games from multiple console generations. 

The rumors have started circulating again since a YouTube channel called HipHop Gamer went into great detail about what he knew about the PS5. He claims that Sony is currently working on an emulation engine that will also slightly remaster games that are played through this system.

HipHop Gamer doesn’t reveal any sources on the matter but his information laid out in the video is quite detailed which gives it some merit. 

Before the rumor from HipHop Gamer, the backward compatibility had been all but confirmed for PS4 games, but the previous generations were left up to debate.

Both the PS2 and the original PS3 were backward compatible with the previous generations. Sony cut that support for this system after the next PS3 release as the feature wasn’t very popular back then. 

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With Microsoft using the backwards compatibility feature on the Xbox One to help boost their sales to catch up to the PS4, the feature has been demanded by the fans on both consoles ever since.

If both next-generation consoles end up being backward compatible, the ability to sell will be based solely on price and exclusive games. PS4 and Xbox One had a $100 price difference at launch, which helped the PS4 when the latest generation.  

Playstation 5 and Xbox One Series X will be released Holiday 2020. 

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