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RUMOR: Snyder To Begin Filming ‘The Last Photograph’ In June

After resurfacing on social media amidst the poor critical and commercial performance of last year’s Justice League fans have been wondering what is next for big budget superhero director Zack Snyder. Some have speculated that he will retire after all three of his DC Extended Universe outings being poorly received by critics and limited commercial successes while others have suggested he will continue to direct films that may be outside of the comic book sub-genre. We now have our answer.

Snyder is set to begin filming The Last Photograph this summer, a project which the director has been working on for nearly a decade and was his next big project after Justice League 2, which it is unlikely for Snyder to return to head the sequel to last year’s superhero team-up. The Last Photograph was supposed to begin filming last year but after his daughter’s unexpected suicide, Snyder had stepped away from the film’s production, as well as the post-production of Justice League. 

DiscussingFilm on Twitter reports that Snyder will return behind the camera this June, with some scenes being filmed in Colombia.

Not much is currently known about The Last Photograph other than the fact that it tells the story of a war correspondent in Afghanistan who is the last surviving member of his group after an attack. A special ops soldier looking to find a family member crosses paths with him and both team up.

It is currently unknown when The Last Photograph will make it’s debut in theaters, but it is likely to be revealed as filming gets closer.

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